Arborvitae Essential Oil

9 Uses of Arborvitae Essential Oil Medically Proven

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Arborvitae is a popular plant in native America. It mostly became popular for its unsurpassed cleaning and medicinal properties. The people of native America also recognized its amazing preservative traits. For these reasons arborvitae is called ‘Tree of life’. The arborvitae essential oil saves you from the environmental pollutants, as it is used as a great cleanser, you can use the arborvitae oil for cleaning purpose too. Not only that, every part of the arborvitae plant is used such as woods for making furniture and we use its leaves in teas to boost the health characteristic of the tea.

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The chemical components which are responsible for arborvitae essential oils to possess such cleansing and disinfecting properties are noted below,

  • methyl martensite
  • α-terpineol
  • Methyl thuja

So, these are the promising chemical properties of arborvitae oil which awards you with such renewing impact.


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As I stated earlier, arborvitae essential oil is useful for so many things, mostly it is famous for its purifying and cleaning properties. Apart from that, arborvitae oil has some other effective applications, and I am about to bring them in broad daylight for you.


Used as an insect repellant

In some certain seasons, we notice bugs and insects become very active. Which might be really annoying for us. But not anymore. The arborvitae essential oil has a really alluring smell which drives out the insects. All you have to do is, use a diffuser and fill it up with arborvitae essential oil and let the woody earth-like smell diffuse all around the house. It will not only drive the insects and bugs out it will also relieve your mental stress and bring a peaceful environment in your house.


Used as a wood polish

Your furniture that is made of wood may look dirty and dull over time. When your furniture loses its shine, you have to understand that its time to give them a good polish. But the trouble begins when the wood polish contains harmful chemicals which can actually damage your furniture.

Every problem has a solution. To polish your furniture without doing harm to them you should mix some arborvitae essential oil to the wood polish. Arborvitae contains the properties to prevent things from rotting and also cleansing things. Mixing some arborvitae oil to the wood polish is actually a good idea.


Arborvitae oil as a household spindrift

Arborvitae essential oil contains strong disinfecting and a deodorizing agent which kills the germs and purify any stuff you clean it with. You don’t have to work very hard for that. You can make your own household spray just by adding arborvitae essential oil in a spray bottle and go around spraying wherever you see any dirt and shine your house like a crystal.

Cleaning your furniture or kitchen with arborvitae oil will not only make your home clean but also leave an earthy smell which will help to relax your nerves.


Works as a wood preserver

Who does not want to keep their furniture or decorative things made of wood fresh and new? Arborvitae essential oil is an effective solution to preserve your woody things. For a long ti,e use you can mix a carrier essential oil with the arborvitae oil to make it more efficiently. That carrier oil is lemon oil. Mix a few drops of lemon oil to arborvitae oil and spray them over your furniture and wipe them off to keep them clean and fresh year long.


Arborvitae oil is used to make perfumes

Now you can make your own signature perfume on your own right at home. How fascinating is that? You can mix some other essential oil like lemon oil or Frankincense with arborvitae essential oil.

The arborvitae essential oil has its own heartwarming woody sweet smell and when it is mixed with other essential oils like lemon oil, it creates a refreshing and unique smell which will make you feel pristine and cheerful.


Helps to calm nerves down

The refreshing woody and warm smell of the arborvitae oil helps to relax your nerves and make you feel calm and stress-free. You can apply the arborvitae essential oil on your wrist or neck, so the smell keeps coming to you and do its charisma.

So, if you are having a rough day, and feeling really stressed out, you know what to do. Just apply some arborvitae essential oil and relax.


Prevents skin from acne

Acne is a worldwide problem. However, we have found out an effective solution for it and that is arborvitae essential oil. The arborvitae oil contains strong cleansing agents which makes the skin clean and kills the germs and bacteria to prevent your skin from infections. You can use the arborvitae essential oil to your skin by diluting it. Normally essential oils remain in concentrated form, which can be tough on your skin, that’s why you can make it diluted by adding any carrier oil like olive oil or almond oil. It will give your skin a healthy glow by improving your blood circulation.


Helps in proper cell functioning

There are lots of beneficial properties of arborvitae essential oil. Some of these are health related. Often people use this arborvitae oil to regulate their cell functioning. The cell is the unit of life. Proper functioning of them is really important for our survival. The cells conduct different physiological functions for our body.

Using a few drops of arborvitae oil regularly can make these cells function well and keep you healthy and active.


Works as a sedative

If you have not been sleeping well lately and losing track of your daily activities because of that, you can use arborvitae essential oil. It will eventually cool down your nerves and its grounding woody smell will help to release your stress and help you have a nice sleep.

Mixing some jojoba oil and lavender oil with arborvitae essential oil will be more effective in relaxing your nerves.


So, these are some very beneficial uses and function of arborvitae essential oil. As we can see the arborvitae tree is living up to its name and helping us in different spheres of life. Arborvitae essential oil can be very much profitable for you if you use it with care. Like you must be careful so that the oil does not reach into your eyes or if you are pregnant just be sure to consult your doctor before using arborvitae oil. Also, you must be alert if you have an allergy. Avoid using essential oil internally. If you abide by some of these things then you are good to go.

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