benefits of balsam fir essential oil

Top 6 Benefits Of Balsam Fir Essential Oil Medically Proven

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benefits of balsam fir essential oilBalsam fir is a tree which grows in the woods and on in the cities. The balsam fir trees mostly are grown in the forest of Canada, and some of them also produced in England upto new york. The skin of the grown balsam trees is filled with sticky fluids. The fluids are greenish hard to get rid of. The part of the balsam tree which has these kinds of blisters
is scientifically named balsamea. The essential oil of balsam fir is technically produced from the balsamea. The balsam fir tree can be 40-100 feet tall in average, and its circumference would be 130 feet. The greenish barks of the tree contain a needle-like structure.

You may have heard balsam fir tree as Canadian fir. These kind of fir trees are not concerned about the pests; slightly it gets infected due to various other reasons like needle rusting, cankers, and root rot.

The process of steam distillation produces the essential oil of balsam fir and Idaho balsam fir essential oil. In this process, the products come out 100% pure. The essential oil is mainly extracted from the needles of the balsam fir trees which are seen on the branches of the balsam fir tree.

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Essential oils, when blended with other essential oils and carrier oils, always work the best or at least it’s workability increases. So, you need to have an acute knowledge of what amount of which oil should be mixed. Balsam fir essential oil blends well with quite several essential oils. They are listed below.balsam essential oil

  • Cypress essential oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Pine essential oil
  • Black paper essential oil
  • Frankincense essential oil

So, these are the essential oils that blend with the balsam fir essential oil to make it more useful and multipurpose essential oil.

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Balsam fir essential oil posses quite several beneficial properties which helps to maintain our health and solves health-related issues. Moreover, balsam essential oil is considered to be a light oil. It can lift your foul mood and make you happy and cheerful. The balsam fir essential oil can detoxify your blood, reduce muscle and joint pains, and treat other diseases. In this case, balsam fir young living essential oils work best.

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Now we shall discuss the uses of balsam fir essential oil. So, the balsam fir oil uses are noted below:

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Balsam fir essential oil for treating congestionIf you are suffering from cold, cough and flu and tired of searching for the best medicine, then i have an excellent remedy for you. Balsam fir essential oil is one of the best resources to treat the cold and cough. The balsam essential oil is a 100% natural solution and way better than the aspirin you have been popping to damage your kidney. Switch for the better option and give balsam essential il a try. Trust me; it is worth trying. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of the balsam essential oil will not let you down.

It will prevent the bacterial attack and your sore throat also. You can take the aromatherapy of balsam essential oil. It will open your nose and clean the dirt trapped in the mucus.

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Balsam fir essential oil usesThe balsam essential oil has a very refreshing aroma. So, it makes your home smell lovely. Other than that the antibacterial property of the balsam essential oil helps to prevent bacteria hovering inside the house and keep it clean. You can put a few drops of balsam essential oil in the soap water you use while cleaning the house. You can also use your diffuser in the living room or your bedroom to let the essential oil work its magic in your home.

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Balsam fir essential oil benefitsThe balsam essential oil purifies not only your house but your body also. Your body contains a lot of waste carcinogenic waste products which may harm your health. That is why these toxic elements should be eliminated from the body from time to time. The balsam essential oil does precisely the same for you. IT purifies the blood. As a result, it keeps the kidney healthy. Thanks to the diuretic properties, the balsam essential oil possesses.

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Relieves muscle painMuscle pain is a common problem nowadays. Joint pain to has been a concern for a long time. What do you do to get rid of muscle cramps? Have you ever tried balsam fir essential oil? The balsam fir essential oil has amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, which can soothe your muscle and joint pain in no time. You can massage the balsam essential oil in the affected area. Do not forget to mix a carrier oil with the balsam essential oil. You may blend any carrier oil you like. For example, coconut carrier oil or olive oil.

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essential oil for body deodorantThe aroma of balsam fir essential oil is quite alluring. We have seen earlier that the balsam fir essential oil is used to purify your home. It eliminates the rancid smell that comes from your kitchen or maybe bathroom; You can also use the balsam essential oil has a body deodorant. Balsam essential oil is used to make soaps and shampoos which great aroma. You that proves that the balsam essential oil is also good for your skin. You can make your deodorant by using balsam essential oil. Blend it with the lavender essential oil and essential pine oil. Add a dash of coconut carrier oil and you good to go.

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Balsam fir essential oil to relieve mental stressAs i told you earlier, the balsam essential oil is renowned as light oil. That means the balsam fir essential oil works to lift your mood and make your cheerful. And that is one of the balsam fir tree facts. The balsam fir essential oil relieves your mental stress and anxiety. Helps you to relax by calming down your nerves. You can take the aromatherapy of balsam fir essential oil and get energized. Or you can keep a diffuser in your bedroom or office room to keep up with the workload with acceptable behavior. The sweet earth, like the essence of balsam fir essential oil, will help you to cope up with the mental stress and depression.


To sum up the benefits of balsam fir essential oil, it will lie up to your expectation. Another essential thing to keep in mind that THe balsam fir essential oil is a highly concentrated essential oil which needs to be adequately diluted before using. Other more full it may show an adverse effect on your skin. The high concentrated essential when applied on the skin can have irritated sensation, burning, and even allergy. So, dilute the essential oil properly with a carrier oil.

You can use critical coconut oil, olive oil or ale vera gel with th balsam fir essential oil. You may consult your doctor before using any essential oil. It will be better if the expectant mothers and lactating mothers don’t use the balsam essential oil.

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