Angelica Essential Oil

12 Benefits Of Angelica Essential Oil Medically Proven

Angelica essential oil is extracted from a plant called angelica. Generally, the oil is extracted from its roots. Other than the roots, the seeds are also used. Somewhere in the 16th-century, Angelica got its popularity by curing the plague disease. But back then people did not know the other benefits of the angelica essential oil. Later with the advancement of technology and science people came to know the usefulness of angelica essential oil.

Angelica essential oil is well known because of its medical properties. As you can see from the history that this plant as a herb was used to cure such a tough disease like the plague. Other than that the angelica essential oil has a very sweet and spicy smell which is used to add more flavors to food and even drinks.


There are lots of health benefits of angelica essential oil, because of its powerful natural components and properties. But here I am mentioning only the most known properties of angelica essential oil.

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  • Bornyl acetate
  • Para-cymene
  • Tridecanolide
  • Rho cymenol
  • Alpha-pinene
  • Cis ocimene
  • Terpineol
  • Myrcene
  • Sabinene
  • Cryptone
  • Pentadecanolide
  • Beta pinene
  • Copaene
  • Trans ocimene


So, these are the properties of angelica essential oil which help to cure many diseases and also is useful for too many things.


Benefits Of Angelica Essential Oil


Helps in digestion

Little indigestion can make us suffer to hell and back especially when you eat something that you might regret later. But thanks to angelica essential oil that you do not have to suffer that much because angelica oil increases the secretion of digestive juices like bile and different types of acids which ultimately helps to digest the food. The oil also helps in the movement of food and ease the digestion process.


Reduces respiratory problems

Essential oils are always a natural solution. likewise, angelica essential oil is a natural solution if you have breathing distress or diseases like asthma or bronchitis. If you are prone to this kind of diseases and respiratory disorders than you may take angelica oil. Inhaling it directly can also be benefitted for your breathing problems. But if you want you can put 1 spoonful of angelica essential oil and mix it in hot steamy water and take the steam. You will get better results if you put some mint leaves or peppermint to the water and then inhale the steam.


Diminishes headache

If you are hit by headaches quite often then it must be some hormonal disbalance or you may have migraine or sinus. Whichever the case may be, headaches can be unbearable. To rescue you from this situation angelica essential oil is here. You can just take a few drops of angelica essential oil in the palm of your hand and massage it on your forehead or you take a sniff it directly. Either way, it is a really effective way to get rid of headaches real quick


Treatment for fever

As it was earlier stated that angelica essential oil has medicinal properties which are used in treating many diseases. Similarly, angelica oil is also used to treat fevers. It has some properties in it that it makes your body sweat which eventually results in lowering your body temperature. This essential oil can also regulate your urination. Through urination, the kidney becomes purified by letting all the toxic elements in your body out. So, if it is a fever that has occurred from infection then angelica essential oil is the best option for you to get your temperature down.


Regulates menstrual cycle

Every month many women all around the world face different issues regarding their period cycle. Which brings them in intense tension. Well, ladies, you got your solution now. Angelica essential oil for a period is a remedy sent from heaven for you.

Not only it helps to regulate your menstrual cycle, but it also reduces the awful period cramps and also deals with your mood swings. angelica essential is is the best and natural solution for your menstrual issues.


Deals with your anxiety and panic attacks

Every once in a while we all have a point in life that we get so scared and feared that we start getting panic attacks, we get anxious. There is a feeling of negativity that surrounds us. But we need to put ourselves together and continue life. For that, we need to feel calm and peace. Angelica essential oil does exactly that for you. You may hear that aromatherapy helps to get rid of stress and anxiety. Angelica essential oil has a sweet aroma that calms your nerves down and gives you a feeling of peace which eventually gets you out of your stress and anxiety and you slowly stop getting those negative vibes and panic attacks.


Helps to glow your skin

Angelica essential oil for skin is very useful. It can give your skin a nice glow by maintaining the perfect ph level for which is 5.6. However, Angelica essential oil can be used as a night cream or oil for that matter. Because angelica oil is sensitive to sunlight. But always remember that you cannot apply the concentrated angelica oil directly. You can mix any other kind of oil which is suitable for your skin like almond oil and coconut oil. Angelica oil will make your skin glow naturally.


Takes the toxicity away

As pollution is increasing day by day, different types of toxic stuff get inside of your body through inhaling polluted water or eating adulterated foods.

Angelica essential oil has diaphoretic properties which help your skin pores to open and produce more sweat. Through this sweat, your body gives out many toxic elements from our body and keep the kidney and liver safe. Again angelica oil can also regulate your urination and make it more frequent just to clear out the kidney and give you sound health without any complications.


Works as a natural stimulant

Angelica essential oil can relax your nerves naturally and regulate your blood circulation and also stimulates the secretion of different essential hormones and enzymes and useful acidic juices in your body which eventually help to maintain proper healthy metabolism and functioning of your body organs all naturally.


Purifies your blood

Angelica essential oil basically purifies blood by procuring more sweat and urine. As excess fat and other toxic matter which is harmful to your body come out of your body through sweat, it makes your body healthy and free from any diseases. Again, angelica oil also produces urine more frequently through which uric acid, creatinine, and other toxic acidic stuff come out of your body because of angelica essential oil.


Helps to release bodily gases

It is a natural way to let out the gas that has been building up inside you, causing ou different problems like heart burning, palpitation, vomiting tendency, cramps and what not. Letting out the blow of gas can give you great relief. So, if you ever suffer from this kind of problem then you know what to do. All you have to do is take angelica essential oil.


Saviour of the liver

Angelica oil can stimulate the secretion of different juices like bile, digestive fluids, and also stores glycogen. These elements are the key factor to remove toxic and harmful products from your body and saves the kidney from damage and infections.


These are the 12 benefits of angelica essential oil. Just one bottle of angelica oil can do wonders. But we have to be careful in using the essential oil. We should not use concentrated essential oil in any case. you have to mix coconut oil or almond oil to use the angelica oil. Do not use angelica essential oil internally, it’s just for external uses. However overdose of anything is bad, so you must know exactly why and how much you are using the essential oil. If you are confused you can always consult a doctor just to play on the safe side.

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