Anise Essential Oil

15 Benefits Of Anise Essential Oil Medically Proven

Anise essential oil is extracted from the anise plant itself. The scientific name of this plant is Pimpinella anisum. This plant was primarily introduced in Asia but over the time it got famous in other territories like Egypt, Europe, and other Mediterranean regions. normally anise plant grows about 1 foot tall and in summer the plant blooms with small white flowers called anise seed. With its increasing popularity, anise essential oil is now being produced in Spain, France, and Russia. Anise essential oil has a distinctive sweet aroma in it which is used for aromatherapy. Other than that the health benefits of anise are beyond imagination.


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Before you know how to make anise essential oil, you should know its natural composition. Naturally, the aniseed oil contains 85-90 percent anethol which basically creates the distinctive smell it has. Other elements of anise that has salubrious properties are myristic, eugenol p-entresol, anisic alcohol, and estradiol.

Now the question arises how to make oil of anise. To make the anise essential oil you need some things like glass container, mortar, pestle, cheesecloth, dried anise seeds and a carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil.


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  •  First, you have to blend the anise seed with mortar and pestle. But do not overdo it. Just grind it coarsely until you see the oil coming out of the anise seeds.
  • Take out the oil carefully and put it in another clean container. When the extracted oil is fully poured out into the container, add the carrier oil you chose. It may be coconut oil or almond oil. Either way, it will just enhance the beneficial properties of the essential oil.
  • After mixing the carrier oil to the coarsely ground anise seeds, keep the container in the sunlight. The sunlight will help the oil to come out more efficiently and also the sunlight will make the oil germ free.
  • When you see the anise seeds have fully given out the oil, take a cheesecloth to extract the oil and separate the seeds.
  • Once you separate the seeds from the extracted oil, you can store the oil in a dry and cool place. You can keep the oil in your fridge or keep it in room temperature.
  • Storing it in a dry place will help you to use the oil for a long time.


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If we talk about the health benefits of anise essential oil, we must talk about all the amazing medicinal properties it contains. To your surprise anise is also used as a spice for flavoring foods and drinks. So, 15 amazing benefits of anise oil are noted below.


       Effective for gas problems

It does not matter if you are an adult or a kid. If you are suffering from gas problems, anise seeds will be there to rescue. As you know anise seeds are used as a spice to add more flavors to the food. Naturally, it tastes and smells good. If you want to get relief from your bloating stomach, gas problem or constipation you can have some anise seed.

Because it has properties like ginger and cumin which helps to digest any substantial meal and decrease the burning stomach. All you have to do is make a cool drink using the anise seeds and lemon. Add a little bit of salt to give taste to the drink. See the magic after drinking the anise drink.


     Aniseeds for glowing skin

If you have acne and acne spots all over your skin and want to get rid of them really bad then anise essential oil can be a natural solution. Because anise essential oil has detoxifying properties which will kill the germs and bacteria and cure your acne. If you can use come carrier oil like almond oil or shea butter, then it will work overnight just to give the healthy glow and stunning skin you always dreamed of.


       Antiseptic properties of anise essential oil

As I said earlier, the health benefits of anise are beyond comparison. Anise essential oil contains antiseptic agents in it which will the germs and bacteria hovering over a wound. So, if you get a wound in any part of your body, just use a few drops of anise essential oil and stay safe from any bacterial infection.


      Amazingly works on hair

Do you have a dry scalp and cannot wear black dresses because of dandruff? Are you tempted by long shiny hair but cannot have the same because your hair is falling out too fast? Do not worry. Massaging Anise essential oil onto your scalp will help you to have long hair and also it will prevent dandruff and solve dry scalp problems for you. All you have to do is, take a few drops of anise essential oil and massage it to your scalp. Massaging your scalp with oil helps in blood circulation which ultimately stops hair fall and your hair grows long and healthy.


      Eases breathing problems

To treat any kind of breathing problems like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia naturally you can use anise essential oil because it has very effective expectorant properties which help to give you relief from cold and other kinds of breathing problems. Anise oil for baking: Anise essential oil has a very rich and sweet smell like; liquorice. There cannot be any other better option than anise oil. Anise oil adds astounding flavours to whatever you care to bake giving your dessert a sweet savoury taste.


        Helps to stimulate digestion

It has been an old tradition for Indians to use anise seeds as mouth fresher. As you know anise seeds have a distinctive smell, it can help you if you have bad breath. Again, anise essential oil helps to digest your food fast and also prevents constipation. So, from ancient times anise, the essential oil is considered to be an effective way to stimulate digestion and get relief from stomach bun and indigestion after a heavy meal.


         Anise for dogs

Dogs are more sensitive to smell more than humans. The sweet smell of anise essential oil makes your dog happy and adding a few drops of anise essential oil will keep the nerves of your cute pet cool and solve any health-related problems like indigestion and cold or breathing. But an excess of anything is bad for anyone, so it’s better to ask your vet if you can give your pup a treat of anise essential oil and in what quantity.


         Anise essential oil for women

Massaging anise essential oil on your belly can reduce menstrual cramps. As they can get really awful. It also assists to stimulate the menstrual cycle and producing breast milk because it has estrogen in it, which is called female hormone. So, anise essential oil can solve female hormone related problems naturally. The expecting mothers can use this oil to regulate sufficient hormones and prevent stretch marks.


         Antirheumatic properties of anise essential oil

Rheumatic fever in the early stages of life triggers arthritis later. In this disease, you feel bone pain and pain in the bone joints. sometimes swelling is noticed. To get rid of the pain, you can massage anise essential oil to the affected areas. It basically incites the blood circulation and the sharp sensation of pain gets dull.


         Works as an insect repellent

The smell of anise essential oil can be sweet to us but to insects, it’s unbearable. That is why sprays of anise essential oil are used to keep the harmful insects away.


          Anise seed oil for depression

Anise essential oil works as an antidepressant. Basically, it is a sedative which calms your nerves down and saves you from anxiety and panic attacks which occur due to depression. If taken in heavy doses, it can have a narcotic effect on your body, that is why you should be very careful in using anise essential oil for depression for anxiety.


           Saviour of the heart

Anise plant is a herbal plant with lots of beneficial qualities. The aroma of the anise seeds is good for the heart because it circulates the blood and keeps the heart well functioning. Anise essential oil also contributes to keeping your blood pressure at bay.


            Prevents fungal attack

The main component of anise essential oil is Anethole. This element of anise oil has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. So, the oil does not let any fungus or bacteria attack your skin and cause any trouble. It keeps your skin away from any bacteria that can cause skin disease or cholera, diarrhea. But still, you should talk to your dermatologist just to assure that the anise essential oil suits your skin type.


        Maintains blood sugar level

The properties of anise essential oil help us to manage our blood sugar level. It works amazingly on a diabetic patient. It is also a natural way to keep your blood sugar level low. But you have to keep in mind that the oil will only benefit you if you take a balanced diet.


Anise plant is a very useful herbal plant from which anise essential oil is extracted. There are many properties with are really effective for our health as the anise essential oil is rich in nutrients and other health benefiting properties. As you can see through the post, anise oil can be helpful to anyone including young and adult and even your pet.

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