15 Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil Medically Proven

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Well, bergamot essential oil is extracted from its fruit which falls in the category of both lemon and grapes. Benefits of bergamot essential oil cannot be counted we talk about the taste, the bergamot fruit tastes apocryphal. The scientific name of bergamot is Aurantium Var. It was mainly originated from the Mediterranean regions. Soon, it became famous for its beneficial properties and was named after an Italian city called Bergamo.

The oil is so rich in favor that almost about a hundred or two bergamot fruits are used to produce only 5 ounces of bergamot essential oil. People who are smell sensitive like the smell of bergamot essential oil because it has a very sweet, citrus and warm smell which can lift up your mood in no time. Other than its smell, bergamot essential oil is used for so many other things that you are yet to explore.


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Bergamot is used for many health purposes as you can use bergamot essential oil for aromatherapy to release your mental stress and depression. You can also make your own favorite cologne and make your toiletries smell like you want. There is also edible bergamot oil available in the market. The edible bergamot essential oil is used to flavor foods for a very long time.

If you are thinking the uses of bergamot essential oil are over, then fasten your seat belt tighter. The bergamot essential oil is used to make your skin glow. It is employed in the preparation of black tea and it also reduces your cholesterol level and helps you to lead a healthy life.


[su_highlight background=”#a8f904″]Chemical properties of bergamot essential oil[/su_highlight]

There are a variety of chemical agents that are responsible for the beneficial properties of bergamot oil. These chemical properties are noted below:

  • Beta Bisabolene

  • Alpha-Terpineol

  • Linalool

  • Geraniol

  • Myrcene

  • Geraniol

  • Neryl Acetate

  • Acetate

  • Alpha-Pinene

  • Nerol

  • Alpha-Terpineol

  • Alpha Bergapten

So, these are some chemical components which are present in bergamot essential oil.


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Bergamot essential oil can be used in our day to day life for a various purpose. The essential oil works best with some blends or if you ix some certain carrier oil because direct use of the concentrated oil in your skin can be harmful. So you have to make the essential oil diluted by mixing some carrier oil which will eventually increase the competence of the bergamot oil.


Prevents infection

The bergamot oil carries disinfectant properties in it which helps to cure an infection in your intestine, kidney or liver. Or even if you accidentally cut yourself or get any wound, the bergamot oil works its magic on it and prevents the infection from spreading in your skin.

Basically, its antiseptic properties kill the bacterial and also heals the wound as soon as possible. Keeping a small bottle of bergamot essential oil in your first aid box is not a bad idea.


Works as a pain reliever

Bergamot essential oil is enriched with pain relieving or analgesic properties which animate the secretion of some certain hormones. The hormones then work to get your nerves cool down and dull the sensitivity of pain.

So, if you are suffering from any kind of pain like back pain or bone joint pain, you can try using the bergamot essential oil and get benefitted in a natural way.


Restoratives insomnia

If you are suffering from insomnia and getting a sound sleep at night has just become a dream for you then taking the aromatherapy of bergamot essential oil is the right remedy for you. The smell of bergamot oil is very pleasing, if you just spread a few drops of bergamot oil in your pillow or neck, it will work like a spell. The natural relaxant properties of the bergamot oil will relax your nerves and muscles and will put you to sleep.


Subdues acne scars and makes your skin even toned

If you have stubborn acne scars all over your skin that refuses to go away then bergamot essential oil is the right thing for you. It contains cicatrizant properties which allow the oil to cure your acne and also reduce the acne scar and make your skin even toned.

The chemical fairness creams you buy may sometimes show side effects and make your skin condition often worse. But bergamot essential oil is 100% natural solution to all your skin problems.


Works as a detoxicating agent

Bergamot essential oil allows to clear your glands and organs by stimulating metabolic activities and it also regulates your hormone secretion which helps to get out all the toxic stuff producing inside your body.

Like it helps to secrete more sweat and urine so that the toxicity reduces and your body becomes free of any noxious elements.


Destroys Vermes

If you didn’t know, bergamot essential oil is a vermifugeThat means it kills the annoying worms inside your intestine causing harm to your body like pushing you towards malnutrition and different internal infection. In this case, a few drops of bergamot oil can fight against the Vermes and help you to lead a healthy life.


Bergamot essential oil works as an anti-cholesterol agent

As we know the oil is extracted from a citrus fruit which is a high breed version of lemon and orange. It contains a lot of vitamin C and its oil is also used in cooking to add more flavors. It not only adds more flavors to your food but also reduce the cholesterol level and keeps your heart active and healthy. Speaking of which, bergamot essential oil also keeps your blood pressure at bay.


Works as a tangible deodorant

As I mentioned earlier that the bergamot essential oil has a really alluring luscious smell which is also used in aromatherapy. The best part is you can make your own deodorant or cologne by bending some other essential oil with their bergamot oil. It will be like shooting two birds with one stone. one; you will smell great and two; your mood will be lifted and mental stress will go away with the smell. And it also kills the germs which produce the bad odor.


Improve digestion

Bergamot essential help to digest your food faster. Whenever you have a heavy meal and suffer from a bloated stomach, you can take a few drops of bergamot oil. It also helps in the dissolution of carbohydrates and fat real quick.


Used as a dental care product

Bergamot essential oil plays a great role in curing cavities. Often the bergamot oil is used in mouthwashes which helps to kill the germs produced in your mouth. The sweet smell of the il also prevents bad breath. The good thing is everyone in the family can use bergamot mouthwashes.


Reduces cramps during menstruation

Sometimes cramps can be so unbearable, Some people even have to take oral medication to stop the pain. But that might not be always good for health. In this regard bergamot essential oil is a natural solution for period cramp. Massage 2/3 drops of bergamot essential oil on your stomach for a few minutes and see the result yourself.


Expedites up the invigorating process

Bergamot oil can rapidly heal your wounds. It has both antibacterial and antifungal properties which stop the breeding of bacteria over the wounded place and keeps your skin from infection.


Cures respiratory predicaments

if you have a dry cough for a long time and your nose is blocked then without delay reach out for bergamot essential oil.

bergamot essential oil has the ability to save you from breathing distress that you face if you have asthma or any lung diseases. You can pour some bergamot oil into a towel and inhale it. Lease the rest up to the bergamot essential oil.


Works as an antidepressant

Bergamot essential oil is great medicine for depression and mental stress. The sweet and spicy smell, when taken through the aromatherapy, helps you to get energized and pumped up. It basically lifts up your mood and relaxes your nerves so that the mental stress goes away.


Subdues fever

Bergamot is an antibiotic oil which fights with the virus and bacteria which causes fever. Taking the oil gives you a feeling of warmth or in other words, it makes you sweat by regulating the secretion of hormones and eventually lowers the body temperature.

So, if you are suffering from fever and do not like to take bitter medicine then definitely give bergamot essential oil a try.

So, these are some benefits of bergamot essential oil you would certainly want to adjudicate.


[su_highlight background=”#a8f904″]Bergamot essential oil recipes[/su_highlight]

To use the potentials of the bergamot essential oil you must know what carrier oil is to be blended with the bergamot oil to make it work efficiently. Here I am about to help you with that and show you some useful recipes of bergamot essential oil.


1.Blends that will reduce mental stress by aromatherapy

Aromatherapy works best for relieving mental dress. All you have to do is, mix 3 drops of bergamot essential oil with 2 drops of geranium oil and lavender oil. Put the mixture in a diffuser and inhale the sweet smell to get away with your mental stress.


2. Blend that will help you to get relief from asthma or breathing problems

Mix 3 drops of bergamot essential oil with 2 drops of rosemary oil and 3 drops of peppermint essential oil. This blend will help you to get relief from your breathing problems as it will also clean the nasal passage allowing the fresh air to get inside your lungs.


3.Bergamot oil recipe for depression

  • 12 drops of bergamot essential oil
  • 5 drops of sweet orange essential oil
  • 3 drops of grape essential oil
  • 1 tablespoon of coarse sea salt
  • 2 drops of geranium essential oil

Mix these ingredients well and make sure to store this mixture away from sunlight and in a dry and cold place.


4. Recipe for bergamot oil face mask

It is so easy to make the face mask, you have just mix bergamot essential oil with pink clay and mineral water. Then apply it on your face. If you have oily skin, this mask will work as a blessing on your skin.


The benefits of bergamot essential oil are beyond comparison. A small bottle of essential oil can do wonders right at our home. But essential oils should be handled with care. However, it should not be directly used on the skin even if it has beneficial effects on the skin. You have to mix carrier oils to make the oil light so that your skin does not suffer damages. Do not use bergamot essential oil if you are pregnant. In a nutshell, you must consult your physician before using bergamot essential oil

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