Top 10 Benefits Of Birch Essential Oil Medically Proven

Birch is one of the oldest species of trees which also has an eye-catching appearance. The essential oil of birch is extracted by distillation of the two types of birch trees namely, Betula Pendula and Betula Lenta. The first type is white and silver and the second type is black and sweet birch essential oil. The birch essential oil is rich in medicinal properties which are used to heal up many health issues prevent many diseases. The birch essential oil is also famous for its very unique smell. The smell of birch oil is unique because it has a murky smell unlike any other essential oil out there.

The birch trees are naturally grown in the Asian and European region. Later observing its beneficial properties, it became popular in the regions of North America and Russia. The birch essential oil has properties that can fight infection-causing bacteria and fungus. It is also used for dental care and stimulate hormone. It also takes care of kidney health and works for relieving your muscle and mental stress. The birch essential oil is trusted by all because it is a 100% natural and effective remedy for many malignant diseases.


[su_highlight background=”#a8f904″]How to make birch oil[/su_highlight]

To make birch essential oil at home can be a long process. But still, if you want to make the birch oil yourself, fresh at home, you can give it a try.

Ingredients you will need

  • OIL
  • Big container
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Water

If we talk about oil, you can use coconut oil, avocado oil or almond oil. Make sure the container is clean and dry. First, you have to cut a brunch off a birch tree. Then, cut deeper so that you get the part where most of its beneficial properties are found. Chop the branches into small pieces. Dip those small pieces of branches into the half-filled oil container and leave it for two days. That way, the oil will absorb the attributes of the birch tree. Once the oil absorbs the qualities of the birch trees, you can use the oil to enjoy its therapeutic characteristics.


[su_highlight background=”#a8f904″]Brich essential oil uses[/su_highlight]

The pale color and the unique smell of the birch oil makes the oil distinct from other essential oils. Apart from these attributes of the birch essential oil, there are many other curative traits of this oil which I am about to describe them for you.


Enhances blood circulation

The birch essential oil is the best oil for circulating blood throughout the body properly. Blood clotting to different parts of the body or improper circulation of blood can cause different disorders and diseases. Massaging birch oil on your body helps to stimulate your blood circulation to conduct physiological properties of your body and also keeps the muscles active.


Fights the infection causing bacteria’s

Birch oil is used to recover any wound and infection as fast as possible. If you get any wound or injury that might develop an infection, You can trust birch oil to stop the bacteria from spreading and causing infection. The birch oil is enriched with antibacterial and anti fungal properties which save you from infection-causing germs.


Detoxifies your body

Many unwanted toxic elements are produced inside our body which can do harm. These elements need to get out of the body as soon as possible. The birch essential oil does exactly that for you. It can cause your body to sweat so that the toxic liquids get out through the sweat. It also regulates your urination and the toxic elements like creatinine, uric acid is secreted from your body.


Cures headache

If you are suffering from unbearable headaches like sinus or migraine and you are tired of taking oral medicines then birch essential oil is the best option for you to give it a try. It is a worth trying remedy for headaches because it is 100% natural and it stimulates your blood circulation when you massage a few drops of birch oil on your forehead. It also relaxes your nerves and releases your mental stress that is why eventually your headache subsides and you get a relaxing feeling.


Highly beneficial for kidney

The kidney is the unit of the excretory system. The kidney purifies your blood through proper urination. So, the kidney health should be well maintained otherwise many complications can be noticed like a kidney stone or even kidney failure.

The birch essential oil helps to maintain your kidney health my regulating urination and letting out the toxic factors out of your body. It also helps in weight loss, digestion and keeps away other diseases like cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.


Used for dental care

Birch oil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which take care of your gums, tongue, and teeth. Some people have a gum problem or aching teeth. Birch oil can magically heal your oral problems and provide you with a healthy mouth.

If must be surprised hearing that your mouth contains more germs than a toilet seat. So, it is very important to maintain your oral health by keeping your mouth clean. In that case, you can definitely reach out for natural remedies like birch essential oil.


Used for maintaining your scalp health

If you have a dry scalp you might as well have dandruff too. And dandruff can be annoying like nothing else. To get rid of dry scalp or scalp infection you can use birch essential oil. Just massage a fair amount of birch oil on your scalp. Massaging g our scalp with birch essential oil will help you to boost the blood circulation and heal up your scalp related problems.

So, growing long naturally shiny hair is not a dream anymore. Use natural and striking birch oil to make your hair thick and long.


Prevents respiratory problems

Because of birch oil’s expectorant qualities, it is known to be a quick healer in case of any respiratory quandaries. It can cure dry cough and clear up the mucus allowing more amount of air to reach the lungs freely. Again, it can ease your breathing distress if you have asthma or pneumonia. You can assage the birch oil on your chest and allow the musty smell of the oil to reach your nose so that it can clear your blocked nose in no time.


Stimulates hormone

The chemical substances which are secreted from ductless glands of your body are known as hormones. The hormones are secreted in a low and limited amount. Therefore the increased level of secretion can cause trouble for your body. Likewise, less secretion can also harm your body in many ways. So, it is important that the hormones are secreted in the right amount.

The natural birch essential oil helps you so that the hormones can be secreted in the right amount and conduct the metabolic activities of your body efficiently.


Enhances your skin

Who does not want to have flawless beautiful skin? But apply chemical cosmetics can do the opposite. In that case, you should definitely try birch essential oil. It reduces the acne and acne spot. MAkes your skin bright and even toned. It also helps to reduce the signs of aging.

So, what are you waiting for? grab your birch essential oil today and get a stunning natural glow that everyone will stare at.

As you can see birch essential oil has the potential to heal you and treat you from many health predicaments. And it all happens naturally without any side effects. But in special cases, if you are allergic to a certain thing, then you might get the reaction. So, we suggest that you consult and doctor before using the birch essential oil and also know how to use birch essential oil. Though it is not a bad idea to keep a bottle of birch oil near at hand when the birch oil benefits us this much.

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