Black Pepper Essential Oil

12 Benefits Of Black Pepper Essential Oil Medically Proven

Black pepper essential oil is extracted from the fruit of black pepper plant known as Piper Nigrum. black pepper essential oil is often used to add more flavors to your food. It has a very warm and spicy smell which can relieve your mental stress within no time. It is also used to lower the level of your cholesterol.

Besides these, there are many other beneficial properties like it has anti-arthritic benefits which help to prevent the muscle and joint pain. That is why it is quite famous among athletes. It seems like the athletes often sprain their ankle or have a muscle or bone pain. In that case, they massage black pepper essential oil to the affected area and get quick relief. Black pepper essential oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which stops any infection and heals wound faster. The benefits of black pepper essential oil are beyond comparison.


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Black pepper essential oil is used for many purposes. Here quality is a big factor as you are taking the oil in many ways such as inhaling it directly, physically applying it or massaging the oil on your skin and putting the oil in your food while cooking. There are some special blends which will help you to get the maximum benefit out of the black pepper essential oil. Those recipes of black pepper essential oil are noted below:

  • To get relief from mental stress, depression or breathing problems you can inhale the black pepper oil directly from a distance.
  • To get relief from muscle and joint pain you can massage a few drops of black pepper essential oil on your affected area. Massaging it properly will reduce your pain.
  • Take get the harmful toxins out of your body, you can rub your belly with the essential oil and can also have a few drops orally.
  • To get aid from costiveness you can take a few drops of black pepper essential oil with your liquid food. It will not only ease your constipation but also heal diarrhea or gastric problems
  • The flavor of black pepper in your food is a thing to appreciate. It boosts the taste and makes your dish taste incredible.

In these ways, you can use the black pepper essential oil and enjoy the benefits of black pepper essential oil


[su_highlight background=”#a8f904″]MAIN COMPONENTS OF BLACK ESSENTIAL OIL:[/su_highlight]

The main components of black pepper essential oil are given below

  • Eugenol
  • Delta-3-Carene
  • Alpha-Pinene
  • Beta-Caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Treinen-4-ol
  • Sabinene
  • Alpha-Pinene


[su_highlight background=”#a8f904″]Benefits Of Black Pepper Essential Oil[/su_highlight]

Is black pepper good for you? The answer is definitely yes. If you do not believe in words then I am about to break down all the ways in which black pepper essential oil can benefit you. It is clinically proven that there are beneficial properties of black pepper essential oil, thus it is actually good for your health and can be used in different ways.


Maintains your blood pressure

A blood pressure patient has to take many high power medications which may later show different side effects. If you want a natural solution which will not show any side effect, then black pepper essential oil is the perfect thing for you.

The doctors agree that a few drops of black pepper essential oil in your food every day can keep your blood pressure at bay and provide you with a healthy life.


Removes mental stress and depression

The warm and risqué smell of black pepper is used to give aromatherapy to people who have loads of mental stress and anxiety. The warm smell, when mixed with the sweet alluring smell of lavender, works to recover you from your mental trauma as quickly as possible and relaxes your nerves. Giving you mental relief.


Decreases your nicotine cravings

If you are badly addicted to cigarettes or nicotine then a few drops of black pepper essential oil in lukewarm water is the perfect cure for you.
This aromatherapy will reduce the cravings and also improves your lung health. Try this trick for a week and see the result.


Enhances digestion

The black pepper essential oil helps you to get rid of any digestive problems like constipation or lose motion. If you add 5/6 drops of this essential oil with any carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil then you can get rid of constipation. For better results, you can massage a few drops of black pepper essential oil on your lower abdomen and stomach.


Helps to succumb weight

If you are tired of your tight diet and heavy exercise and want to lose weight naturally then this essential oil is worth your try.

All you have to do is, mix lavender oil and sandalwood essential oil with black pepper essential and massage it to our lower abdomen. It will alleviate your sweat and will let out the excess fat beneath your skin.


Removes headaches

A warm rub of black pepper essential oil on your forehead can heal your intolerable headaches. In the case of headaches, aromatherapy also works like magic. Just take 1/2 drops of this essential oil and 3/4 drops of almond oil, massage it on your head and geta a relief from your headaches like sinus and migraine.


Gives you quick mitigation from muscle and joint pains

The elderly people normally suffer from muscle and bone joint pain. They can try taking a hot water bath with a few drops of this essential oil. The trick will work best when you mix lavender or lemon oil with the black pepper oil.

You can also massage black pepper oil to the concerned area but you have to keep in mind that you have to make the black pepper essential oil diluted before you use it on your sensitive skin. You can use carrier oils like coconut or almond oil.


Regulates menstruation

Black pepper essential oil is used to regulate the period as some people do not have periods regularly. Many of the women suffer from menstrual cramps. They even have to take medications to reduce pain. Black pepper essential oil I a natural solution to reduce menstrual cramps real quick. You just have to massage this essential oil on your belly and if possible take aromatherapy.


Helps to deteriorate fever

Among its different medicinal properties, one of them is black pepper essential oil is febrifuge. That means it helps to decrease fever by regulating sweat and lowering your body temperature. You can either massage the oil on your body or take aromatherapy. Either way the black pepper essential oil will help to reduce your fever naturally.


Treats throat infection

When you get an infection in your throat, it really becomes painful to swallow anything. It even gets hard to talk. IN this case, you get a quick recovery. Black pepper essential oil can help you to get that quick recovery. You have to take a glass of warm water a put 2/4 drops of this essential oil into the water and gargle with it. You can also add some salt to get better results.


Treats infection on any part of your body

As you know black pepper essential oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties which kill the germs that spread over a wound and cause infection. You can directly apply the black pepper essential oil to the wound to stop the infection. It also helps to reduce pain.


Takes care of your dental health

It has multifarious health benefits, one of them is killing your mouth germs and healing any dental related problems. So, if you have a sore tooth, you can massage black pepper essential oil and some salt on the aching tooth. Olive oil also plays an effective role along with the black pepper essential oil to treat our sore tooth. It keeps your teeth white and strong.


There is no doubt that black pepper essential oil is beneficial for you. Now you know the black pepper oil uses and benefits. You also know how to use black pepper essential oil. But still, you recommend you to consult your physician before using anything on your skin as your skin might be sensitive and prone to allergy.

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