Blue Cypress Essential Oil

7 Amazing Benefits Of Blue Cypress Essential Oil Medically Proven

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Blue cypress oil is extracted from cypress plant whose scientific name is Cupressus sempervirens. These plants are found in the dense dessert region and the stems and twigs are used to derive the oil from the plant. The blue cypress essential oil has a very fresh and sweet smell. Cypress essential oil is known to have many medicinal properties which can be used by us to cure or heal some diseases naturally. Nowadays people prefer natural remedies over chemical ones. If you are one of them, then blue cypress essential oil can be your best choice.


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The Cypress Essential Oil appears blue due to its anti-inflammatory property. Like, wish it has different other properties like antibacterial, antirheumatic, antifungus, etc. Inhaling the fresh smell can help to release your mental stress and depression. It is also used to massage on your body for proper blood circulation. Cypress essential oil for hair works like magic. Not only that it also works to fix your respiratory problems and get the harmful toxic chemicals out of your body. The benefits of essential oil are beyond measurement. But that is obvious because cypress means live forever. It will definitely try to protect you from health hazards and make your body healthy.


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The blue cypress essential oil is famous for two things. One is its smell and the other is its wonderful medicinal qualities. The cypress essential oil uses are described below:


  • Reduces muscle and joint pains

After a certain age, your bones start to get weaker and you do not get enough strength in your muscles and often experience pain. The pain soon becomes an obstacle to your daily activities. That is why your muscle and joint pain should be healed as soon as possible. Cypress essential oil can be your over the counter natural remedy to reduce your unendurable muscle pain.

Taking a cypress oil massage every day can regulate your blood circulation and reduce the sensitivity of the sharp pain you feel.


  • Heals up a wound pretty fast

When you accidentally get a cut and the blood just doesn’t seem to stop, you can try applying blue cypress essential oil to the wound before doing the dressing. The cypress essential oil contains blood clotting agents which do not allow excess blood flow and makes it stop so that the amount of blood loss becomes less and the wound dries up pretty fast. So, you can keep a blue cypress essential oil in your first aid box and use it during an emergency.

Not only that you can use cypress essential oil to manage your heavy menstrual flow. It will also reduce cramps. All you have to do is, massage a few drops of cypress essential oil in your lower abdomen and let the oil do the rest for you.


  • Cures infections

As there are so many pollutants in the air, it would not be an uncommon phenomenon if you get an infection or allergy. Wherever the occurrence of infection might be, it is always so irritating. But Do not worry, cypress essential oil uses its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to heal up your infections and give you quick relief.

It not only helps to cure your external infection but also internal infections. As the antimicrobial property remains active, the oil can be used in your daily skin care product. It kills the acne-causing germs and keeps your skin fresh and healthy.


  • Acts as a detoxifying agent

Apart from the environmental pollutants that you have to deal with every day, your body itself produces some toxic chemical elements. And from time to time these toxins need to be flushed out of the body. Cypress essential oil benefits you right there. It helps you to get rid of all the toxic elements produced inside your body and provide you with a healthy body. If these chemical toxins are not flushed timely, many diseases can trigger. Even your kidney or liver may get damaged.

Cypress essential oil helps to regulate your sweat so that the fat, lethal chemicals and other things that can harm your health gets out of your body through your skin pores. Again the cypress essential oil stimulates your urination. It helps to clear up your kidney. Not only that using cypress essential oil also maintains your liver health. The oil is just packed with so many benefits.


  • Helps to give you relief from mental stress and depression

If you are going through a mental breakdown and you cannot find yourself to keep track of things that are happening around you because you are sleep deprived or maybe have insomnia then cypress essential oil is the perfect natural remedy for you.

Blue Cypress essential oil is a natural sedative which naturally relaxes your nerves and releases your mental stress and even helps you to fall asleep. You can take aromatherapy of the cypress essential oil. You can pour a few drops of cypress essential oil in your bath or you can simply inhale it through a diffuser. Either way, the oil will work like magic to give you quick relief from your anxiety and lift your mood up. The smell of oil will simply surround you with a peaceful, happy vibe in the air.


  • Treats respiratory predicaments

When you get infections inside your throat or chest you have the breathing distress. The cypress essential oil can miraculously heal that. Even if you have a dry cough you can have 2/3 drops of cypress essential oil and it will heal you up from the inside by killing the infection causing bacteria and fungus. It gives you a huge relief if you are suffering from asthma or bronchitis. Regular use of the blue cypress essential oil can lower the chances of you getting the asthma attack. It basically keeps your lungs healthy enough so that it does not get weak due to infection or diseases like bronchitis or asthma. It also plays a major role to prevent lung cancer.


  • Acts as a natural antiperspirant

You can use cypress essential oil as your go-to deodorant because it has a very refreshing yet sweet smell which will lift up your mood and cheer you up. It will not only cheer up your mood but also the people surrounding you. It will also kill the bad odor producing germs, thanks to its antibacterial properties. As a matter of fact, you can use a few drops of blue cypress essential oil while washing your clothes or cleaning your furniture, It will spread a sense of peace and happiness throughout the house and also kill the harmful germs which are responsible for causing various diseases.

Blue Cypress essential oil is highly beneficial if you handle it with care. You must consult a doctor to check if you can use the cypress essential oil just to make sure you don’t have an allergy with it. If you are pregnant please refrain from using cypress essential oil and also take care so that the concentrated essential oil does not go inside your eyes. Cypress oil benefits us in so many ways that you may lose your count. And we should really appreciate the blue cypress essential oil uses and its medicinal benefits.

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