Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Top 12 Benefits Of Blue Tansy Essential Oil Medically Proven

Blue Tansy essential oil is extracted from every part of its plant. The scientific name of the blue tansy plant is Tanacetum vulgare. The ocean blue color of the oil lives up to its name which is blue tansy. The bright blue color of the oil is itself responsible to catch your eyes and make you feel good. The Blue Tansy essential oil contains a very sweet and refreshing candy-like smell which can lift up your mood and make you feel better.

Besides kits smell, It contains a lot of other properties. You will be amazed to know that, the blue tansy plant is toxic yet it possesses medicinal properties which are beneficial to us. This European plant was recognized by the Moroccans, they discovered that the herbal plant has some beneficial characteristic other than its toxicity.


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Tansy oil is known to have some remedial properties which can cure and treat various diseases in the human body. That is obvious because the blue tansy essential oil contains, antibacterial, antifungal, therapeutic anti-allergic, vermifuge, febrifuge, expectorant, anti-inflammatory properties. These properties make the oil so great to use. So, from its properties, it is understood that the oil is used to treat infections and wounds, it is also used to reduce fever and help you to get rid of the stomach worms.

Some effective chemical elements or components are responsible for the tansy oil to possess such wonderful beneficial properties. Those chemical components are

  • Beta-myrcene
  • Sabine
  • Beta-pinene
  • Chamazulene
  • Camphor

So, basically, this is the composition of the blue tansy essential which is responsible to make the tansy essential oil so versatile in attributes.


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We already know that the blue tansy essential oil is enriched with so many amazing properties. The blue tansy essential oil benefits us in a lot of ways. I am about to describe the blue tansy benefits to make your life easier.


Treats allergy

Many people around the world suffer from seasonal allergies. Like some people are allergic to pollens, so during the spring season, they start to get to the allergy symptoms which can be really irritating to handle. People have to take high power medicines which can show some side effects like excess sleepiness, heavy head or drowsiness because these types of medicines are sedatives. The sedatives may cure your allergy over time but make your life difficult with all the side effects.

To your rescue, blue tansy essential oil stands still. It has antihistamine properties which help to prevent seasonal allergies and subside their symptoms. It gives you relief and treats your allergy one hundred percent naturally.


Gives you relief from mental stress and depression

We cannot expect life to be buttery smooth the time. Life has ups and downs which makes us stressful and depressed. At some point, all the issues going on in our life seems to get over our head and you start to feel suffocated. In this situation, people take high power medicines. These high power medicines are mostly sedatives. He medicines may put you to sleep or relax your nerves, but in the long run, it may damage your kidney, show some adverse side effects or get you addicted to the medicine.

Blue Tansy essential oil is a natural remedy to get over your depression and anxiety. The fresh, sweet and candy-like smell of the blue tansy essential oil helps to relax your nerves and cool you down. And all this, without any side effects. That is why blue tansy essential oil is used to get aromatherapy. You can put some oil in the diffuser and inhale it or you can use the tansy oil in your bath. Either way, the tansy oil will benefit you.


Blue Tansy oil for skin

It has become so hard to maintain healthy skin when there are so many pollutants in the environment. But still, we need to take care of our skin to look flawless and maintain our beauty. You often use chemical products which can do damage to your skin rather than doing good. In this regard, blue tansy essential oil works like a pro. The natural tansy oil contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which help to kill the acne causing germs and stops any time of infection on the skin.

But before using the concentrated blue tansy essential oil, you have to dilute it first by mixing some carrier oil. You can use carrier oils like almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil. Studies show that many people can be sensitive to the blue tansy essential oil So it will be better if you consult your dermatologist before applying tansy oil on your skin.


Heals wounds and injuries

Often the minor wound or injury we get remains untreated. Because apparently the injury may look minor but when left unnoticed can cause various deadly infections and other hazards. Blue Tansy essential has antimicrobial properties which kill the bacteria and germs that might hover over a wound and reduces the chance to get infected. You can apply the tansy oil after diluting it with a carrier oil. It will not only save your skin from infection-causing bacterias but also reduce the sharp pain quickly.


Reduces headaches

People suffering from migraine or sinus have a pretty unbearable headache. Even a lot of stress can cause a headache. In this situation, you can try applying blue tansy essential oil to reduce your headache. The sweet aroma of the tansy oil will also help to relax your nerves and remove your stress. In when you are suffering from a serious headache that you are unable to go your daily work properly, you can take a break for a few minutes and take a message of blue tansy essential oil and see the magic.


Works as a natural insect repellant

If you are too creeped out by all those nasty insects crawling all over your house, its time you try a natural remedy. You can spread a few drops of blue tansy essential oil all over your house and enjoy the sweet alluring smell of the tansy oil. But the case is not the same for the insects. The smell might be really nice to our nose but the insects cannot just stand the smell of tansy oil. Good thing, right?

Now you can get rid of annoying creepy insects and also filling up your home with a feeling of peace and happiness because of the sweet smell of the blue tansy essential oil. So, Basically, it is a three in one offer.


Relaxes muscles

A lot of people suffer from muscle pain, young or old. Sometimes working overtime on your laptop or doing a heavy muscle job can cause your body muscles to ache. What can be better than a hot water bath when you are suffering from muscle pains. And to add sugar on top, you can pour a few drops of blue tansy essential oil to your hot water and take a long refreshing bath. It will help to relax your muscles and reduce the pain to a great extent and also lift up your mood.


Reduces stomach cramps

Blue Tansy essential oil is proved to give you a relief from stomach pains. Stomach pain can occur due to many reasons. It can happen if you eat something that upsets your stomach or you have period cramps. In this kind of emergency situation to get quick relief, you can massage a few drops of tansy oil after diluting with a carrier oil in the lower abdomen of your body. You can apply this oil twice a day to get a better result.


Helps to lower your temperature

Blue Tansy essential oil is a natural febrifuge. That means it contains some properties which help to lower your temperature when you are suffering from a high fever. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of tansy oil help to prevent the infections that occur within the body and eventually heals the rapture and treats your high fever in no time.


Regulates the secretion of a hormone

Hormones are the essential chemical elements secreted from the ductless glands of your body which helps to accomplish many physiological activities. So, it is very necessary that the hormone secretion is regulated to have healthy health. MAssaging blue tansy essential oil benefits you to stimulate the secretion of important hormones like thyroid in your body.


Blue Tansy essential oil is a natural vermifuge

It is not an uncommon phenomenon to have stomach worms. In fact, we all have some worms inside our intestine. But the trouble begins when these worms start to grow on a large scale. Then they cause different problems like malnutrition, weakness, poor appetite and even drowsiness. Instead of reaching out for medicines you can rely on natural remedies like blue tansy essential oil. The tansy oil kills the worms inside our intestine and helps us to live a healthy life.


Beneficial for pregnant women

Blue Tansy essential oil can be highly beneficial for pregnant ladies. It prevents stretch marks by circulating the blood properly. You can also apply the tansy essential oil to prevent miscarriage. Not only that you can also deal with your mood swings and also muscle or stomach cramps by applying the natural blue tansy essential oil.


Blue Tansy essential oil is really helpful. The blue tansy essential oil benefits our health in many ways, thanks to its amazing medicinal properties. Yet we need to be careful when we are using essential oil. Like you need to store the oil in a cool and dry place. Keep the tansy oil out of the reach of the children and do consult a dermatologist before using the blue tansy essential oil.

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