Camphor Essential Oil

12 Health Benefits Of Camphor Essential Oil Medically Proven

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The camphor essential oil is produced from Cinnamomum camphora tree. There are four types of camphor oil. They are blue, yellow, white and brown camphor oil. But only white camphor oil can be used for therapeutic purpose and other camphor oil can show some complications when used for medicinal purpose. camphor oil is extracted from its twigs, branches, flowers and other parts of the camphor plants through the process of distillation. Initially, the camphor trees were produced in Japan. later it became famous all over Asia and succeeding other counties of the world for its beneficial medicinal properties.


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Camphor essential oil can be used in various ways owing to its medicinal properties, As there are many properties of camphor oil, they are, antispasmodic, antineuralgic, decongestant, sedative, stimulant, insecticide, anti-inflammatory and so many other properties like that.


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  • Camphene
  • p-Cymene
  • a-Pinene
  • Limonene
  • 1,8-Cineole

These are the chemical composition of camphor essential oil which makes the oil so efficient and beneficial. like the component camphene provides the camphor oil with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.PINENE contains expectorant and antiseptic properties. Limonene works as a detoxifying agent. 1,8 CINEOLE helps to reduce your headache and has antispasmodic properties. So, if someone asks, ‘what does camphor oil do’, you know what to tell them.


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Camphor oil is well known for its beneficial medicinal qualities. It helps us in a lot of o ways and that you are about to explore.

  • Reduces gastric problem

You some time suffer from an increased amount of gas in your body. When you cannot let that gas out, you do not feel good. You even have a bloated stomach or stomach cramps. To make the situation easy for you, camphor oil is always there. It lets the gas out in a healthy biological way. In fact, it does not let the gas form in the first place. so, it keeps your stomach happy even after having heavy and rich food.


  • Decreases sexual desires

Camphor is a natural way to decrease libido. You can massage a few drops of camphor essential oil on your neck or back. It will increase your blood circulation and apart from decreasing libido, it will also help in other physiological activities. Like it will help to stimulate the important hormones o our body and fix hormone disbalance which can cause different diseases like thyroid.


  • Helps to inhibit skin diseases

Many people suffer from skin diseases like they have white or black spots all over their skin. Even some people’s skin shows an excess tendency for acne. In this case, using chemical products can make the situation even worse by showing various side effects. So, it becomes safe to rely on a natural remedy, to begin with. Camphor essential oil is a natural remedy which will help to get rid of your skin condition. It will also work to make your skin smooth and flawless in a healthy way.


  • Promotes blood circulation

Proper blood circulation is really important for the human body. otherwise, a human body can show adverse side effects like improper digestion, blood clotting, and improper secretion of hormones and improper excretion. Camphor essential oil helps to regulate the blood circulation and prevents all these different kind of problems that can cause by improper blood circulation. GEt a whole body massage with the camphor essential oil and get the result.


  • Helps to reduce headaches

some people suffer from serious headache when they suffer from extreme mental stress, sinus or migraine. Sometimes taking aspirin does help. In this situation, all you need is a head massage with the camphor oil and relax. Camphor oil is also used for aromatherapy. In the case of healing headaches, aromatherapy of camphor essential oil helps a lot.


  • Treats arthritis

People suffering from arthritis suffer from severe joint pain. The pain becomes unbearable and the joints start to swell up. In no time the patient loses his power to do daily work due to the extreme pain. Camphor essential oil is a natural remedy to cure the extreme pain of bone joints. Massaging camphor essential oil twice a day reduces the joint pain as well as the swelling.


  • Gives you relief from a respiratory disorder

No one can understand the pain of not able to breathe except for the person who is actually suffering from breathing distress. Camphor essential oil is naturally a strong decongestant. It will clear your nasal passage and allow more oxygen to flow to your lungs giving you a relief from breathing problem. You can use this oil if you have pneumonia, bronchitis, and even asthma. All you have to do is, massage a few drops of camphor essential oil on your chest and inhale come of it after pouring it in a diffuser happen.


  • Cures inflammation

All types of irritation inflammation normally happen in the summer when the scorching sun rays burn your skin causing different inflammation. Camphor essential oil is able to heal that. The camphor oil has a really cooling effect on your body which can easily treat inflammation. If you get any wound, the camphor oil will be at your service to reduce the inflammation. So, keeping a bottle of camphor essential oil at home in summer is not a very bad idea after all. You just have to pour a few drops of camphor essential oil and apply where the inflammation has occurred.


  • Heals onychomycosis

Getting a nail infection out of nowhere can be very annoying. It normally occurs when some type of fungus attack your nails and start to affect it. People have to take oral medication if they have a nail infection. But if you want to seep up the healing process then you can try applying camphor essential oil on your nails. Camphor essential oil has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which will help to cure the nail infection within no time.


  • Helps to relieve your mental stress

It’s not abnormal to get mentally stressed out in such a busy life. People need to need their minds straight. So, to get relief from mental stress and anxiety, you can take camphor essential oil aromatherapy. It will clear up your mind and fill it with a peaceful feeling which will help to lift up your mood and also help you to get out of your depression.


  • Cures insomnia

People who suffer from insomnia can not get enough sleep and as a result, they become grumpy and get easily irritated by slightest of things. The best solution for insomnia is not to take loads of sedative medicines and getting addicted to them. The best solution is to use a natural remedy like camphor essential il. The likely alluring smell of the camphor oil will relax your mind and nerves and eventually put you to sleep. People who took aromatherapy of camphor essential oil tell that they got beneficial effect within seven days.


  • Camphor oil for hair

People become really worried about their falling hair. They buy a lot of chemical hair care products which does nothing but wasting money. Camphor essential oil is a 100% natural remedy for hair fall. But first, you have to mix the camphor essential il with a carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil and then massage it on your scalp. It will regulate your blood circulation and prevent your hair loss. Not only that, but it will also help you to grow new hair on your head.


Camphor oil is really beneficial to us in a variety of ways. But you must know how to use camphor essential oil. Do not keep the oil near children. Camphor essential oil has a side effect. If the oil is used in an excess amount, it can be extremely poisonous., so you must be careful in using the oil. You can use the oil by blending it with other essential oils to get better outcomes.

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