Carrot Seed Essential Oil

10 Health Benefits Of Carrot Seed Essential Oil Medically Proven

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Carrot Seed Essential Oil is rich in properties like antioxidant, antimicrobial. antiseptic and carcinogenic properties. These beneficial properties of carrot oil benefit us in a lot of way like treating any diseases or relieving any kind of pain. Carrot essential oil is also used in cooking in Asian countries. However, with the advancement of the technology people came to know about the other medicinal qualities of the carrot essential oil. since then carrot oil became famous all around the world. The carrot essential oil is generally extracted from the dried seeds of wild carrot or the plant itself through the steam distillation process.

The extracted essential oil is 100% natural and organic carrot seed oil. The carrot seed oil has a sharp and earth like smell which can easily blend in with other essential oil so that it can be used for aromatherapy. When people started to discover the benefits of carrot seed oil, the carrot seed oil uses also expanded.


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  • b-pinene
  • geranyl acetate
  • myrcene
  • camphene
  • sabinene
  • beta-bisabolene
  • carotol
  • y-terpinene
  • limonene

So, these the chemical components of the carrot seed which induce many beneficial and medicinal properties into the carrot seed essential oil.


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You are about to find out some amazing benefits of carrot seed oil. Organic carrot seed oil can be used in our daily life from cooking to treating various diseases.


  • Carrot oil for relieving muscle pain

People often get muscle pain and joint pain with the increase of age. At some point, it seems like no medication works on your body. In that case, you should rely on a natural remedy. Organic carrot seed oil can help o treat your muscle and joint pain. You can take a good massage by using carrot seed oil or you can pour a few drops of carrot seed essential oil into your bath and enjoy a long hot shower. The healing properties of carrot seed oil will minimize your muscle pain and give you peace.


  • Carrot oil for stomach problems

Stomach problems like improper digestion, constipation and gas are very common stomach related issue. These problems can easily be solved by using a natural remedy. Organic carrot seed oil helps to treat your bloated stomach. You can take aromatherapy of carrot seed oil or you can use this oil in your daily cooking. Using carrot seed essential oil in your daily cooking can solve your gas problems. You can also massage carrot seed oil in your lower abdomen to get the same result.


  • Carrot oil for infections

Carrot oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which can treat an infection in a very short time. You have a vaginal infection then you can use carrot oil to treat it. All you have to do is mix a carrier oil either coconut or almond oil with carrot seed essential oil and then refrigerator it. Then it becomes like the structure of ice then put the ice cube where you feel the burning sensation or itching. The carrot essential oil will subside the burning sensation and also kill the infection causing bacterias.


  • Carrot seed oil for regulating menstrual cycles

Many women have irregular period. Often you may get worried and consult a doctor to check what has actually happened to you. The doctor can hand out a list of medicines. But you can just reach for a natural and organic remedy without any side effects. MAssaging carrot seed essential oil in your abdomen, chest and throat will help you to get a regular menstrual cycle. Not only that it will also give you relief from menstrual cramps. The organic carrot seed oil will help to stimulate your hormones and blood flow to solve these problems.

And if you are suffering from menopause symptoms then you can use carrot seed essential oil to get quick relief. You can take aromatherapy or massage the oil in your lower abdomen.


  • Carrot seed oil to lower blood pressure

The pressure of blood through the walls of your veins and arteries is called blood pressure. Many people have high blood pressure and they have to take a lot of high power medicines to keep their blood pressure at bay. Besides medicines, you can reach out for a natural remedy like carrot seed essential oil. You have to massage a few drops of carrot seed essential oil in your lower abdomen, shoulder, neck and chest. This will help to regulate the blood flow and lower the blood pressure to a great extent.


  • Carrot oil for relieving stress

Many of us get mentally stressed due to various reasons which become a barrier to our success. You get panic attacks and anxiety that lowers our self-confidence. So, you must take steps to control mental stress. Carrot seed essential oil is a 100% natural remedy to reduce mental stress and depression. The most interesting part is, carrot seed essential oil does not work like most of the anti-depressant. Instead, it increases your alertness and allows you to focus on your work. Taking aromatherapy of carrot essential oil for 30 minutes reduces your anxiety and fills your mind will a feeling of peace and joy.


  • Carrot oil for hair growth

Massaging carrot oil into your scalp will increase the blood flow and also heal infections that show up in your scalp. The carrot oil for hair allows to grow more hair and reduce hair fall. As a result, you get long and strong healthy hair. You can mix carrot seed essential oil with your regular hair oil and then apply it to your scalp. Carrot seed oil for hair is really beneficial.


  • Carrot seed oil for face

Carrot seed oil is really beneficial for the face. It helps to prevent scars and acne. It clears your skin and makes it naturally glowing that is why it is dais that carrot seed oil skin lightening agent. It lightens your skin and makes your skin smooth. You can blend jojoba oil or argon with carrot seed essential oil and apply it on your face. carrot oil reduces tanning and gives you a fair look.


  • Carrot seed oil for treating allergies

Carrot seed essential oil can treat allergies owing to its medicinal properties. It reduces inflammation and rashes. You need to mix the carrot oil with another carrier oil. You will get quick relief from pain and irritation by using carrot seed essential oil when you have an allergy.


  • Carrot seed oil for respiratory disease

If you have any respiratory disease like asthma or bronchitis you can try massaging carrot seed essential oil bending it with avocado or jojoba oil. Massaging the oil in your chest and throat will give you a warm feeling and it will also fight with the germs that cause infection. Or you can try taking aromatherapy.

Carrot seed oil benefits us in a number of ways. It is a natural remedy so it has nearly no side effects, but if you are pregnant or breastfeeding your child then avoid taking carrot oil. Cold pressed carrot seed oil is really useful and you can get mostly benefited by it. You must know how to use the oil and what essential oils are to blend with it. Like jojoba essential oil, olive oil, argan oil blend well with the carrot seed essential oil.

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