Cedarwood Essential Oil

10 Health Benefits Of Cedarwood Essential Oil Medically Proven

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Cedarwood essential oil is extracted from its leaves, twigs, stems, and barks through the process of steam distillation, carbon dioxide distillation, and cold compress. The cedar tree is grown all over the world. The cedar oil has medicinal qualities which are used to treat many diseases and these properties also make your skin and hair healthy. That is why cedarwood essential oil uses have become multidimensional. The scientific name of cedarwood plant is Juniperus virginiana. The cedarwood essential oil has properties like an antiseptic, tonic, astringent, antiseborrheic, expectorant, insecticidal, antifungal and sedative. Owing to these properties cedarwood essential oil benefits us in a lot of ways. Uses for cedarwood essential oil are known to many people.


[su_highlight background=”#04f93e”]Chemical Constitutes Of Cedarwood Essential Oil [/su_highlight]

  • beta cedrene
  • hujopsene
  • alpha cedrene
  • widdrol

So, these are the chemical constituents of cedarwood essential oil. Because of these elements present in cedarwood, the cedar oil has so many beneficial properties and cedar oil uses have become this popular.


[su_highlight background=”#04f93e”]How T0 Make Cedar Oil[/su_highlight]

You can buy cedarwood essential oil from the market but if you wish to make it at home then I am about to show some simple steps to make cedar oil right at home

  • Collect cedarwood leaves, stems, twigs, and barks and chop them finely.
  • Take a bowl and fill the bottom of the bowl with chopped leaves, stems and barks of cedarwood plant.
  • Pour 3 cups of distilled water in that and start boiling.
  • When you notice that the whole thing is boiled, then turn off the gas and let the steam come out.
  • Take the lid of the container you have chosen to do the preparation and put the lit upside down on the container.
  • Put some ice cubes on the lid and let the ice cubes melt.
  • Then you can see liquids accumulate in the can.
  • strain out the leaves and twigs and store the oil in a dark colored glass bottle
  • Finally, store the oil for further use.


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Benefits of cedarwood oil are popular among people who have various problems like infection, hair loss problems, gastric, etc. Some cedarwood essential oil uses are noted below:

  • Cedarwood essential oil for face

Many people have face conditions like acne. Acne is annoying no matter how or when or where it pops up. You need to take care of your skin to prevent such adverse condition like a pimple, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. You can use cedarwood oil, it has astringent properties which fights with the infection causing germs and makes your skin clean and fresh.

Cedarwood essential oil can also take care of your dental health. It can treat your aching tooth or sore gum and it helps freshen up your breath. You can use cedarwood essential oil with your mouthwash or toothpaste for dental care and for face, you can massage a few drops of cedarwood essential oil in a circular motion.


  • Cedarwood essential oil for cold and cough

Sometimes you suffer from severe cold and cough. You take different medicines but sometimes you cold and cough just does not want to leave you. In this case, you can use cedarwood oil to clear your throat and nasal passage to reduce cold and cough because cedar oil has expectorant properties which are responsible for treating cold, dry cough and flu.


  • Cedarwood essential oil for hair

Cedarwood essential oil helps to moisturizes your scalp and make it healthy. Dry scalp can cause dandruff or various infection that can lead to itchiness and irritation. Cedar oil solves all the problem all at once. Cedarwood oil for hair loss is really good. It also helps to grow hair longer and stronger. You can put 2/3 drops of cedarwood oil in your shampoo or conditioner and use it to nourish your scalp to get a healthy-looking natural hair.


  • Cedarwood essential oil for sleep

Many people have sleeping disorders. They say they cannot have a night of proper sleep at night. This condition is called insomnia. Not sleeping at night effects your brain and has a bad influence on your whole day. The cedarwood oil has sedative properties which help to cool down your nerves and put you to sleep. The smell of cedarwood plays an important role. You can take aromatherapy of cedarwood oil or you can put a few drops of cedarwood oil in your bath. This will relax your muscles and give you a relaxing feeling.


  • Cedarwood essential oil for regulating menstruation

Many women, mostly teenagers do not have their periods regularly, as a result, many problems can shoot up. So, you should take preventive measures before that. Cedarwood oil can stimulate hormone secretion and regulate your menstrual cycle. It also reduces sever period cramps naturally, so no need to take high power pain killers which may later affect your kidney. All you have to do this, just massage a few drops of cedarwood essential oil in your lower abdomen and see the magic.


  • Cedar oil for repelling insect

Insects are creepy and annoying. They can spread germs which may later cause various deadly diseases like malaria, dengue, jaundice, diarrhea, etc. You can use cedarwood essential oil to repel these creepy insects out of your house. You can also get rid of bed bugs by spraying cedarwood oil in your bed sheets and pillow cover to drive the bed bugs out.


  • Cedar oil for nursing fungal viri

Cedarwood essential has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which save your skin from getting an infection. It does not matter where you have an infection. Cedarwood oil always cures fungal infections and reduces redness, irritation, and itchiness. It has a cooling effect on these affected areas and gives you relief from the irritation of the infection. The antimicrobial properties kill the germs and help to remover faster.


  • Red Cedar oil for depression

cedarwood oil has sedative properties which help to cool down your nerves and relax your muscles. It gives your brain a calming effect, as a result, you can get out of your depression. Aromatherapy of cedarwood oil will relax your mind and make you cheerful in no time. It also helps to reduce mental stress and anxiety.


  • Cedarwood essential oil as a deodorant

Cedarwood essential oil has a very warm and distinct smell which is really amazing and can lift up your mood very quickly.
As it has antibacterial properties it kills germs and prevents bad smell and sweat.


  • Cedarwood oil to cure respiratory diseases

Cedarwood oil is a clinically proven natural remedy to cure respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, restlessness, etc. Cedarwood essential oil has spasmodic properties which help to clear the nasal passage and allows more oxygen to enter the lungs. As a result, your breathing distress reduces without taking any medicines.


[su_highlight background=”#04f93e”]Cedarwood Essential Oil Side Effects:[/su_highlight]

Cedarwood essential oil should be avoided by pregnant women and the women who are breastfeeding their child. However, you should not use cedar oil internally because it can cause nausea, vomiting and other serious problems. As cedarwood essential oil is a strong oil it should always be diluted with a carrier oil before using.

Cedarwood essential oil blends well with cinnamon, lemon, juniper, lavender, rosemary, and cypress oils. Blend these oils with cedarwood essential oil to increase its effectiveness.Cedarwood also works very good Essential Oils For Fleas. It helps to get rid of fleas very fast.

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