Cilantro Essential Oil

9 Health Benefits Of Cilantro Essential Oil Medically Proven

What is cilantro used for?

Cilantro essential oil is basically the oil of coriander. Coriander is famous all around the world for its fresh flavors. It is used in cooking to enhance the taste of the dish and also for garnishing. But do you know cilantro essential oil can benefit your health by its medicinal properties in many ways? However, it is true that cilantro essential oil has a lot of beneficial medicinal properties which fights against the diseases and help to keep you healthy. The cilantro oil is extracted from cilantro seed through the process of steam distillation.

The scientific name of cilantro oil is Coriandrum sativum. Coriander oil benefits us in a lot of ways by its useful properties like antifungal, carminative, analgesic, lipolytic, stomachic, stomachic. Cilantro benefits weight loss process too. So, there is no denying that cilantro essential oil is beneficial for your health.


Chemical components of cilantro essential oil:

  • dipentene
  • pinene
  • terpinolene
  • cineole
  • linalool
  • borneol
  • phellandrene
  • terpineol

So, this is the chemical composition of cilantro oil which makes this oil rich in beneficial properties which are responsible for healing and nursing your diseases and disorders.


Cilantro Essential Oil Uses

Cilantro essential oil can be used for many health-related purposes other than just as a spice which will add flavors to your cooking. The benefits of cilantro essential oil are discussed below:

  • Cilantro benefits weight loss

Cilantro essential oil has lipolysis properties which help you to lose weight. Losing weight can be so much difficult especially when you are a food lover. Staying away from food seems like a nightmare for you. Then you can definitely try cilantro oil. It is clinically proved that the lipolysis property of cilantro oil breaks down fats and cholesterol and does not let fat accumulate in your belly. As a result, you lose weight more quickly and effectively.


  • Cilantro essential oil works as a detoxifier

There may be many chemical toxins mixed in your blood which can cause various health disease or even blood cancer. We need to take these out of our body from time to time. The natural day of purifying blood is sweating and urination. Acids, fats and other chemical toxins get out of the body by these processes. You can also use cilantro oil to clean your blood and make it pure. The cilantro oil also helps to take all the toxins out of your body and detoxify it.


  • ┬áCilantro essential oil improves digestion

Some people have digestive problems, that means they have a hard time to digest whatever they eat. As a result, they suffer from gas problems and bloated stomach and what not. In this situation, cilantro, essential will help you to get rid of digestive problems. Cilantro oil regulates digestion process and it also plays an important role in increasing your appetite. you can use a few drops of cilantro essential oil in your cooking to solve your digestive and poor appetite problems quickly.


  • Cilantro oil cures erectile dysfunction

Some people have erectile dysfunction or get simply do not have an interest in having sex because their organs do not work that effectively. This disorders can be seen in both male and female. However, you will come across many medicines to cure your disorder but you should try to rely on natural remedies in case of such sensitive matter. Cilantro essential oil enhances libido and cures erectile dysfunction and makes you interested in having blissful sexual intercourse with your partner and be happy in your marital life. It basically regulates the hormone secretion which later helps you to get in the mood.


  • Cilantro oil gives you relief from pain

You can get a sharp sensation of pain in any organ of your body such as muscles, bone joints, legs, hands, stomach, head, etc. Sometimes the pain becomes unbearable and you are compelled to take medicines. But try reaching out for a natural remedy which does not have any side effects. Cilantro essential oil has spasmodic properties which help to relax the muscles and nerves to give you relief from pain. You can massage some cilantro essential oil in the affected area or you can put a few drops of cilantro essential oil in your bath water and have a long relaxing bath. Either way, the cilantro oil will reduce the sensation of pain and give you quick ease.


  • Coriander seeds oil works as a good deodorant

Cilantro oil or coriander seeds oil has a very fresh and alluring smell. You can use this oil in your mouth wash to prevent bad breath. It not only just prevent bad breath, but it also fights with the germs to keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you want to apply it on your body as a deodorant then it will provide you a long-lasting effect. OIt will fight with the germs which cause sweat and bad smell and keep your body fresh.


  • Cilantro essential oil for lips

Many people are worried about their lips because their lips have a dark color, and who does not love a light pinky glow in their lips. Cilantro oil will help you to get that lovely glow in your lips. It will also heal cracked lips and moisturize it. So, you do not have to worry about cracked lips anymore. You can reach out for cilantro oil. It is a natural remedy to heal cracked lips and makes it healthy all naturally.


  • Cilantro oil cures infections

Getting an infection is not an uncommon phenomenon. When the fungus and bacteria attack your body you are likely to get infected by them. You can get an infection in your skin, you can get a vaginal infection and even scalp infection. Cilantro essential oil is a natural and effective way to fight the infection. Cilantro essential oil has antifungal and antimicrobial properties which help to treat the infection and give you quick relief from the irritation and burning sensation that is caused by the infection.


  • Cilantro essential oil relieves stress

Whenever you get mentally stressed or get panic attacks you can try using cilantro essential oil for aromatherapy. The fresh and minty smell of cilantro oil helps to relax the nerves of the brain and finally fills your mind with a sensation of peace. It calms your hyperactive neurons, as a result, you can feel a calming effect throughout your mind. To add the cherry on top, it works fast enough to make you feel better. Just put the coriander seeds oil in a diffuser and inhale for 10-20 minutes and see its effectiveness yourself.

Cilantro essential oil is quite beneficial for your health. It can render you natural healing support so that you do not have to rely on medicines too much. The good news is, the cilantro oil does not have any side effects but still, you need to be careful about how much of the cilantro oil you use on your skin. That means the quantity is what should be taken care of. You can consult your physician before using cilantro oil if you want. Otherwise, you are good to use cilantro essential oil and enjoy its beneficial properties.

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