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10 Health Benefits Of Clary Sage Essential Oil Medically Proven

What is clary sage essential oil good for

Clary sage essential oil benefits us in keeping your health sound and also it is used to maintain your beauty in a natural way. The sage essential oils are extracted from clary sage seeds, flowers, steam, etc through the steam distillation process. Clary sage oil uses its medicinal properties to maintain our health.

IT has properties like        aphrodisiac,emmenagogue,stomachic,deodorant,antidepressant,astringent,antispasmodic,digestive and antibacterial. When the oil has this much beneficial properties in it, it is bound to benefit your health. The fragrance of clary sage essential oil is really sweet and alluring. That is why clary sage essential oil is used for aromatherapy. The clary sage oil is really good for maintaining your skin and it also protects your eyes from getting infected. Other than that there are other clary sage essential oil benefits.


The components of clary sage essential oil

The sage essential oils have chemical elements and that are responsible for all the medicinal and beneficial properties of the clary sage essential oil. So, let us take a look on the list of the chemical elements of the clary sage oil:

  • Terpineol
  • Sclareol
  • Germacrene-D
  • Caryophyllene
  • Linalyl Acetate
  • Neryl Acetate
  • Alpha-Terpineol
  • Linalool

So, these are the chemical constituents of clary sage essential oil.

Benefits of clary sage essential oil

Who could have imagined that essential oil can be this useful to us? It is true that clary sage oil is the most famous and publicly accepted essential oils out there. This oil is adorned by people because the clary sage oil has a lot of beneficial uses. The clary sage benefits us in a number of ways and you are about to find out exactly in what way the clary sage oil benefits your health.

  • Clary sage oil for pain

Clary sage oil uses its antispasmodic property to heal and treat the painful areas of your body. You may experience pain in any part of your body like muscles, bone joints, head if you have sinus or migraine. Pain in different parts of the body becomes a common phenomenon after a certain age. The clary sage oil can also treat the pain if you have arthritis and osteoporosis. Just massage a few drops of clary sage oil in your affected area mixing it with a good carrier oil and get quick relief from any kind of pain.


  • Clary sage essential oil for libido

If you are searching for a permanent way to increase your interest in sex then clary sage oil is the way. The aromatherapy of clary sage essential oil helps to stimulate sexual desires so that you can please your partner every night. So, if you are tired of taking medicines for this issue then I am about to put an end to your search. Try clary sage essential oil and get benefited.


  • Sage benefits for skin

Using chemical products on your skin for a long time can have a negative effect on your skin. But clary sage oil is 100% natural solution for all of our skin problems. It can help you to get rid of the dry skin problems by moisturizing your skin properly. The sage oil also helps to prevent wrinkles and aging lines. The anti-inflammatory properties of the clary sage essential oil prevent any type of infection and keep your skin healthy. The clary sage oil brings a natural glow to your face that everyone will love to stare at.


  • Clary sage essential oil for infections

Clary sage essential oil is a really good oil for infections. The clary sage oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties which fight against the infection-causing germs and bacteria and prevents the infection. It also has antiseptic properties to heal the infection faster. So, it is safe to keep the infected area with clary sage oil before doing the dressing. It also helps to treat urinary infections and its anti-inflammatory properties give you quick relief from the irritation and itchiness that the infection causes.


It is important to keep your mental health sound. But Sometimes due to some reasons you cannot keep your cool and ultimately become mentally stressed and get anxiety attacks. Clary sage oil is a really good essential oil for aromatherapy. You can take the aromatherapy of clary sage essential oil by putting some oil in your diffuser and then inhale deep breathes for like 20;30 minutes. The aroma of the clary sage oil will cool down your nerves and help you to get relief from your mental stress by driving out the negative thoughts.


  • Clary sage essential oil for dental care

The clary sage essential oil has astringent properties which are responsible for taking care of your gums and teeth. It even heals the pain of your gum and any gum infections. You can use clary sage oil in your regular mouth wash. The clary sage essential oil also helps to treat the sensitivity of your teeth and makes them stronger and whiter.


  • Sage essential oil for hair

If your hair looks dull and falls out frequently then clary sage essential oil would be the best solution for you. Massaging clary sage essential oil with your regular hair oil will make your hair roots stronger and the rate of hair loss will reduce to a great extent. Not only that using clary sage oil will make your hair soft, shiny and healthy. You can also use clary sage essential oil with your shampoo or conditioner. Either way, it gives the same result.


  • Clary sage essential oil for gas problems

Many people all around the world have gas problems. Gas does not make you feel good rather it makes you feel like your stomach is bloated and you feel irritated. It may also become fatal if not treated at the right time. Clary sage oil helps to reduce gas from your body in a natural way. As a result, you get quick relief.


  • Clary sage essential oil for blood pressure

Clary sage oil is a really effective oil for blood pressure. Basically, the pressure of blood against the walls of the veins and arteries is called blood pressure. The clary sage oil helps to cool down the veins and keeps the blood pressure at bay. In the situation where you get high blood pressure, it is best to take aromatherapy of clary sage essential oil.


  • Clary sage essential oil as a deodarant

There is no denying the fact that clary sage essential oil has an really pleasant and alluring smell. when you dilute the essential oil and spray it over your clothes the clary sage works as a deodorant. It is a natural deodorant that is why the chances of you getting allergies and infections by it are very low.

Clary sage essential oil uses are multidimensional. It has many other uses like clary sage oil to induce labor, it also helps to improve digestion and also takes care of the stomach health. It will be good for you to know how to make clary sage oil. Clary sage essential oil blends well with lemon, lavender, sandalwood, orange, pine, and jasmine essential oils. However, there is no side effects of this oil and is absolutely safe to use but still consult your physician before using clary sage oil and do not use the oil directly without diluting it first.

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