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10 Health Benefits Of Clove Essential Oil Medically Proven

Clove is generally known to us as a spice. This spice is used mostly in Asian continent to add more flavors in their food. But this spice is enriched with many medicinal properties which are used for many health-related purposes. Clove essential oil is extracted from its buds, leaves and stems through the steam distillation process. As the clove oil benefits us by its medical properties it has been famous all around the world. The clove oil is enriched in elements like calcium, manganese, potassium, etc. That is why clove oil uses have this multidimensional. Clove essential oil benefits us in a lot of ways and you are about to find what the clove essential oil uses.

Benefits of clove essential oil

There are lots of benefits of clove essential oil. Owing to it’s an aphrodisiac, anesthetic, antiseptic, anti fungal and antimicrobial properties the clove essential oil becomes a beneficial oil that can be used for maintaining our health and also our skin. So, without further due let us check out the clove oil uses:

  • Clove oil for pain

After a certain point of age, you can experience muscle and bone joint pains and that is completely normal. But sometimes these pains can get really severe and hard to bear. In that case, you can use clove oil. You can massage the clove bud essential oil in your affected area and will reduce the sensation of pain in no time. As the clove oil has anti-inflammatory properties it reduces your pain and gives you relief quickly. It not only cures bone and muscle pains but also cures bad headaches. Especially when you are suffering from sinus and migraine.

  • Clove oil for toothache

Clove has always been trusted to cure toothaches and any kind of dental problems. It has antiseptic, antimicrobial properties which fight against the germs inside your mouth and prevent infections. As the clove essential oil has anesthetic properties, so it can cure toothaches almost instantly. You can use clove essential oil in your aching tooth directly using a cotton ball.

You can use this oil for infants too. Sometimes babies too have gum problems. You can just apply a few drops of clove essential oil on the affected area and let the clove oil do the rest of the work.

  • Clove oil for proper blood circulation

Proper blood circulation is really important for a healthy body because blood is the special type of connective tissue which carries all the important things like oxygen, nutrients, carbon dioxide, etc. and does the work of transportation. Clove oil is proved to stimulate blood circulation because it has Eugenol elements in them. To increase your blood circulation you can massage a few drops of clove essential oil in your body but do not forget to make it diluted with another carrier oil before using it.

  • Clove oil for motion sickness

Many people all around the world suffer from motion sickness. That means they feel nauseatic and have vomiting tendency whenever they ride a vehicle to go anywhere. You can use clove essential oil and take its aromatherapy to get rid of your motion sickness and travel the places you always wanted to travel. You can put a few drops of clove bud essential oil in your napkin and inhale the spicy, warm and sweet smell of clove essential oil and kiss your motion sickness a goodbye.

  • Clove essential oil for mental stress

The clove essential oil has a really sweet and warming smell which is used for aromatherapy. The smell calms your nerves down and gives your mind a calming effect. So, if you have bad mental stress and you have a bad habit of overthinking then you can definitely reach out for clove oil and take its aromatherapy to get quick relief. Stop running after medicines which will provide you a temporal effect when this natural clove oil will give you a long lasting effect without clove oil side effects.

  • Clove essential oil for skin

Clove essential oil has antibacterial and anti fungal properties which fight against the germs and bacteria and prevents the acne. The anti-inflammatory property of the clove oil helps to reduce the burning sensation that is caused by acne. Apart from that, the clove essential oil moisturizes your skin and it also stimulates the blood circulation too. As a result, your skin gets a healthy glow naturally. Clove bud essential oil also works as an anti-aging cream. It prevents the wrinkles and aging lines and gives your skin a younger look.

  • Clove essential oil for eyes

Your eyes can get infected due to the attack of dirt and germs which get inside your eyes and later cause irritation. Your eyes swell up and become red. The clove essential oil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which help to reduce the irritation and also the swelling of the eyes. The clove essential oil is also used to cure an eyelash condition called sty. Sometimes clove oil is used in the eye drops. So, it can be said that the clove essential oils are safe for your eyes and can control these serious conditions of your eyes.

  • Clove essential oil for diabetes

diabetes is a permanent disease. No permanent cure for this disease has not been found yet. But you sure can take measures to keep your blood sugar level in control. Otherwise, you can face adverse health problems. The clove essential oil has a phenol chemical component which helps to keep your blood pressure at bay. It also deals with your insulin sensitivity.

  • Clove essential oil for hair

Clove essential oil helps to stimulate your blood circulation, as a result, the roots of your hair becomes stronger and the rate of hair loss becomes low. It also moisturizes your dry scalp and prevents dry scalp problems like dandruff. Massaging a few drops of clove oil with your regular hair oil will make your hair look lively, thick and smooth.

  • Clove essential oil for cancer

Clove essential oil is used for therapeutic treatment for cancer because it has oleanolic acid in it which helps to cure cancer and also prevents the growth of tumors. The clove oil basically purifies your blood. It can be said that the clove oil is a natural detoxifier. That is why it is an effective way to treat cancer.

These are the few uses of clove bud essential oil. This oil is also used for repelling insect, making deodorant, treating ear infections, etc. But if we talk about the clove essential oil dangers or clove oil side effects then I have to mention that excess use or if this oil is used internally can cause intestinal problems. It can make your blood diluted and make you anemic. It can also cause a sudden drop in your blood sugar level. But you can avoid these side effects by being just a little more careful. For that reason, you must know how to use clove oil and you might as well like to know how to make clove oil.

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