Coriander Essential Oil

10 Secret Benefits Of Coriander Essential Oil Medically Proven

Coriander essential oil has been used for a long time by the people suffering from many diseases like arthritis, pain, mental stress, and diabetes. Coriander essential oil for diabetes is a very effective essential oil. People get stunning results by using the coriander essential oil doterra. The coriander essential oil is extracted from a plant from which a similar kind of essential oil is extracted. That essential oil is called cilantro essential oil. The coriander oil is extracted by steam distillation process from the coriander seeds and leaves.

The oil-driven out from the coriander seed is called the coriander seed oil. This coriander seed oil benefits us by using its medicinal properties. That is why coriander seeds oil is proved to be a very efficient essential oil for various uses. Coriander essential oil uses its beneficial properties like depurative, analgesic, stimulant, antispasmodic, digestive, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Using these properties coriander oil serves us big time. There are some amazing coriander oil benefits.

Benefits of coriander essential oil

Coriander essential benefits us in a lot of spheres. An essential oil which is effective for your health is like a blessing to your life. So, without further due let us check out the coriander oil uses


Coriander oil for athlete’s foot

An athlete’s foot has to go through a lot like it has to deal with injuries, sometimes infections due to sweating and all. To keep your feet safe from these kinds of hazards you can use coriander oil. Coriander essential oil uses its anti-inflammatory properties which treat the infection and injuries of your feet. The coriander oil quickly reduces the painful sensation and give you instant relief. Just mix a carrier oil with the coriander oil to dilute it because using pure and concentrated coriander essential oil can cause an opposite effect. You can use sunflower oil and if not available use coconut oil or jojoba oil to dilute the coriander oil.


Coriander essential oil for diabetes

Coriander essential oil has amazing medicinal properties which can control your blood sugar level. If you are a victim of diabetes and wondering how to get back to normal life then coriander oil is what will help you. The scientists prove that the beneficial properties of coriander essential oil are helpful to treat diabetes. It is a 100% natural remedy so you do not have to rely on high powder medicines. Now the question is how to coriander essential oil for diabetes.

Well, you can put a few drops of coriander essential oil along with a few drops of olive oil in your meals and have it. As you know coriander essential oil has a very nice fruity yet spicy smell which also helps to flavor your food.


Coriander essential oil for constipation

Having constipation can be troublesome And getting rid of this situation can make your worry. Well, you can use coriander essential oil to relieve constipation and ease the process of excretion. The coriander oil is helpful to relieve any kind of stomach related problems. It also increases your appetite and treats stomach cramps. To get quick relief from constipation you can use 3-4 drops of coriander oil by diluting it with a carrier oil like olive oil and massage it on your lower abdomen in a clockwise motion and get the magical results.


Coriander essential oil for arthritis

The coriander essential oil has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce the pain and the swelling of the bone joints. In the increase of age, people experience various types of bone and joint pains. Some even suffer from arthritis and osteoporosis. They have to rely on high power medicines which when used for a long time can cause kidney and liver damage. C

oriander oil is whereas a natural remedy which can treat the inflammation in the bone joints and redness of the affected area by its natural medicinal properties without any side effects. Just massage a few drops of coriander oil along with olive oil or almond oil in the affected area. You can massage coriander essential oil twice or thrice a day.


Coriander essential oil to regulate blood circulation

Proper blood circulation is a very important factor for a healthy body and mind. If your blood is transport properly then half of your diseases and health problems will vanish just like that. To regulate the blood circulation you can use coriander oil by diluting it with almond oil and massage it throughout your body. The coriander essential oil helps to relax the muscles and give you relief from body pain. Also, the alluring warm smell of coriander essential oil will make your mind fresh by relieving your mental stress and anxiety.


Coriander essential oil for low cholesterol

Low-density cholesterol is not good for your body. Low-density cholesterol if increases then it might cause various health problems in your body. On the other hand, high-density cholesterol is good for your body. Coriander oil helps to reduce the low-density cholesterol and helps to stimulate high-density cholesterol in your body which is good for your health. Just blend coriander essential oil with olive oil and then you can put it in your food and have it.


Coriander essential oil for mental stress

To free up yourself from mental stress you can use coriander oil. The warm and spicy smell of coriander oil helps to clear up your mind from anxiety and stress and lifts up your mood in o time. so, no more mood swings at work. You can have a good mood by taig the aromatherapy of coriander essential oil.


Coriander oil for dental care

Coriander essential oil has strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which fight with the germs and bacteria inside your mouth and saves your teeth from getting infected. The coriander oil also refreshes your mouth and prevents bad breath. You can gargle coriander oil mixed water and get rid of your dental problems very easily.


Coriander essential oil for acne

Coriander oil is an effective oil for preventing acne. the coriander oil is good for the skin. It is a good moisturizer and the coriander oil also maintains the oh balance of your skin so that your skin becomes flawless and stunning. You can apply coriander essential oil with argon oil and almond oil and apply it on your face.


Coriander essential oil as a deodorant

Coriander essential oil has a very nice smell and it’s anti fungal and antibacterial properties prevent the germs and reduces sweating to a great extent. As a result, the bad odor eliminates and your body smells fresh and light. You can also blend lavender essential oil or lemon essential oil with the coriander oil and apply a few drops on your body.

As you can see coriander oil is really beneficial for your health that is why you need to know how to use coriander essential oil. You cannot use any essential oil excessively on your body otherwise it may cause rashes and irritation. You can consult with your doctor and check whether the essential oil you are aiming to use is suitable for your skin or not. It is better not to use essential oils if you are pregnant. However, you should know how to dilute a concentrated essential oil properly.

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