Cypress Essential Oil

9 Health Benefits Of Cypress Essential Oil Medically Proven

The cypress essential oil is being used since the middle ages. The people back then recognized the medicinal qualities of the cypress oil and they started using it to treat various kinds of diseases. The blue cypress essential oil is extracted by the process of steam distillation of its twigs and steams. As a result, the cypress oil is a 100% natural remedy for your diseases.

The cypress essential oil benefits us in a number of ways like it heals the muscle cramps, stomach disorders, it plays an upper hand in keeping your blood sugar level normal, you can also use cypress oil for your skin care and dental care. So, as you can see there are quite a lot of benefits of cypress essential oil. The cypress oil uses its beneficial properties to give your body relief from many kinds of health hazards. Blue Cypress essential oil uses it’s antispasmodic, styptic, sedative, vasodilator, astringent, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to help you and make your life easier.

Owing to all these medicinal properties, there are a lot of uses for cypress essential oil. So, there is no doubt in what is cypress essential oil good for. There are also other uses of cypress essential oil like the cypress oil uses its amazing forestry wood like smell to give you good aromatherapy. Cypress essential oil doterra is used for meditation and relieving mental stress.

Benefits of cypress essential oil

Cypress essential oil young living is one of the most favorite essential ol for people all around the world. That is very obvious because you have already known the properties of cypress essential oil and its qualities. do, without further due, let us know what is cypress essential oil used for.

Cypress essential oil for pain

Cypress oil young living is enriched with antispasmodic properties which help to cure any kind of pain. Like it is really normal phenomena to get muscle pull. Yet muscle pulls and cramps in legs and back can be really painful. You can use cypress oil to cure these cramps instantly. You need to dilute the cypress oil with a carrier oil and apply it on the affected area. It quickly reduces the painful sensation and gives you relief. You can apply the diluted cypress oil twice or trice a day. To dilute the essential oil you can use jojoba oil or olive oil.


Cypress essential oil to treat respiratory problems

Lungs are the pain respiratory organ but your lungs often get affected by the polluted environment. Dust, dirt, and bacteria go into your lungs and creates many problems like breathing distress, asthma and similar kind of diseases. The cypress oil, in this case, works as a tonic. The cypress oil clears up the lungs and trachea so that clean air comes to your lungs. The cypress oil also helps to relieve the sudden attack of asthma. You can use the cypress essential oil for aromatherapy. The fresh woodsy smell of cypress essential oil clears up your congestion and gives you quick relief.


Cypress essential oil for mental stress

It is really important to get quick relief from mental stress because mental stress does not let you concentrate on your work and as a result, you lag behind in your daily work. To add the cherry on top excess mental stress and anxiety you get a severe headache. That is why you can take he aromatherapy to release your mental stress and anxiety. You can blend lavender essential oil or lemon essential oil with the cypress oil and use it for aromatherapy. To get instant relief from the headache you can massage a few drops of diluted cypress oil to heal wounds.


Cypress essential oil for skin

Maybe you don’t know that cypress essential oil is used in various face creams and body lotions. The cypress oil has astringent properties which work to keep your skin tight and glowing. The cypress oil nourishes your skin and also fights with the acne. The cypress oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which fight with the acne-causing germs and also reduces the redness. The cypress essential oil uses its anti-inflammatory property to reduce the irritation caused by acne. However, do not use the pure and concentrated cypress oil directly on your skin. Dilute the cypress oil with a carrier oil like almond oil or olive oil and apply it on your face to get a healthy bright skin.


cypress essential oil to regulate urination

Proper urination helps you to lose weight naturally and also detox your body. so, instead of taking high power medicines and tight diet it is the way of nature to help you. Cypress oil is also a natural remedy to regulate your urination. The use of cypress essential oil increases the quantity of your urination as a result more fat and toxic elements get out of your body and your body remains healthy. Massage a few drops of cypress oil on your lower abdomen by diluting it.


cypress essential oil as a deodorant

The cypress oil has a very fresh and forestry smell. The cypress essential oil also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which kill the sweat causing germs and eliminates the bad odor. So, you can put a few drops of diluted cypress oil on your underarms and smell fresh on a hot summer day.


Cypress essential oil to stimulate blood flow

Proper blood flow is very important for maintaining proper health because blood transportation carries out most of the physiological activities. as a result blood flow ensures your good health and proper functioning of your limbs. You can use cypress oil and mix olive oil in it and massage it all over your body to stimulate your blood flow.


Cypress essential oil helps in blood clotting

As blood flow is important, blood clotting is equally important. The blood clots because of the platelets. Whenever you get injured and there is blood flowing out, the platelets help to stop the blood flow by clotting it. Well, this process might take some time but you can use cypress oil to quickly stop bleeding and rush to the emergency. The cypress oil does its job perfectly. Just dilute the cypress oil with water or carrier oil and then apply it on the affected area.


Cypress essential oil for healing wounds

The cypress oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which help to cure any wound internal or external. It will prevent infection over the wound and quickly dry it up. The anti inflammatory property of cypress essential oil will reduce the inflammation and painful sensation.

Essential oils are really useful elements which have beneficial properties. However, you must keep in mind that you must not use a concentrated and pure form of essential oil directly on the affected part. It will cause irritation and rashes. Also, do not consume a whole lot of essential oil because it might affect your liver and cause vomiting tendency. Make sure to buy pure and original essential oils because the essential oils that are adulterated can cause health hazards instead of helping. Consult your doctor before using essential oil.

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