8 Health Benefits Of Davana Essential Oil

Davana Essential Oil

Davana essential oil was mainly originated from the Indian subcontinent. I was regarded as a holy used which was used by their lord shiva. No wonder the beneficial qualities of davana essential oil was much appreciated in that era and still now. The davana essential oil has unbelievable medicinal qualities proved for treating various kinds of diseases. Like mental disorder, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, cold, cough and many other diseases like these.

Davana essential oil is extracted from a herb plant mainly found in south India through the process of steam distillation. The davana essential oil has a very alluring fragrance and beneficial properties that have help this essential oil to reach out to the world and show its magic. The davana essential oil is also used in the ayurvedic treatment, and according to people, they have had amazing results after using the davana essential oil. The davana essential oil mainly became popular during the 20th century.

Now it is used by people all around the world. The sweet, creamy and earthy smell of the davana essential oil has won the heart of many. As a result, the uses of davana essential oil has also expanded as people came to know more about its qualities through research. ➊

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In any crucial oil, chemical components play a significant role. Because the chemical elements it has decides the qualities and functions of the oil. That is why it is good to know the chemical constituents the oil you are planning to use contains:

  • methyl cinnamate

  • dehydro-a-linalool,

  • 2-hydroxyisodavanone

  • terpinen-4 oi

  • bicyclogermacrene,

  • farnesol

  • davana ether

So, these are the chemical constituents of davana essential oil. Moreover, it has properties like anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, disinfectant, stomachic hypotensive, antioxidant, antimicrobial, expectorant and many more. As of today we know what davana oil is, we also should know its health benefits of davana oil. ➋

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Relieves breathing problem

Davana essential oil has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties which help to release the breathing problems as well as normal cold and cough. The antiseptic property of davana essential oil cleans up the respiratory tract and takes out the dirt and mucus stuck in there. As a result, you get a relieve from breathing distress. You can take aromatherapy of davana essential oil to get a quick relieve or you can put a few drops of davana oil in your handkerchief and sniff it anytime you feel the need.

Reduces menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps are really hard to bear. You may have tried various pain killer and other techniques that might not have resulted in good. In that case, you can try using davana essential oil. The davana oil relaxes your muscle tension and it is a really suitable essential oil for body massage. The sweet smell of davana oil also helps to ease the pain and cope up with your overflowing emotions. You can also use davana oil to massage on your lower abdomen to ease the pain quickly.

Works as an antidepressant

Davana essential oil has antidepressant properties and it has the ability to relax your mind and body releasing tension and mental stress. The sweet and fruity smell of davana oil works like magic in this regard. The davana oil is also used to treat mental disorders, so it is assumed that it can stimulate your nerve impulse and make you more aware and wake. It gives you the energy to cope up. You can take a good head massage using davana essential oil or you can rely on aromatherapy. As davana oil is a natural ingredient, it does not quite show any side effects and works more effectively than the sedative drugs.

Davana essential oil as a strong disinfectant

Davana essential oil has strong antiseptic. antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties which work altogether to prevent any type of fungal and bacterial attack in your body. It prevents cold cough and various seasonal allergies too. That is why davana essential oil is used in many hospitals. The idea was originated from the old temples of India, as davana flower is used in various religious rituals.

Works as a pro wound healer

It would be a really good idea to keep a davana oil in your first aid box. Whenever you need a minor cut or bruise just apply a few drops of davana oil and let it work its magic on your wound. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of the davana essential oil prevent the bacterial attack on the wound and the anti-inflammatory properties of the davana oil reduces the pain and speeds up the healing process.

Helps in drug addiction retraction

Retraction of drug addiction is quite a long and painful process as the drug addict has to deal with extreme mental and physical pressure. The aromatherapy of davana oil can help a lot in this case. The davana oil has amazing stress and depression reducing properties. You can also take body massage to relax the muscle tension and relieve mental stress. Davana oil is rather a safe and natural method for removal of drug addiction.

Davana oil can be used as a deodorant

The fact that the davana essential oil has an amazing fragrance which can be used as a deodorant. You can blend other essential oils with the davana oil to create your own fragrance.

Increases sex drive

Davana essential oil is a sensual massage oil used for men especially but women can also use this oil to increase their sex vigor. You can use a diffuser in your bedroom to set the mood for the weekend nights and have a blissful sex life.

In conclusion, davana essential oil has multifarious uses and benefits. To sum up, ty the davana oil is a very engaging oil and beneficial oil that can help you in many cases. To add sugar on top, davana oil is a natural solution to all your problems. It is always better to choose a natural remedy than to rely on over the counter medicines and drugs. Also, be careful while using the essential oils as many essential oils are not suitable for pregnant women or breastfeeding women. So, it will be great if you can consult your doctor before using any essential oil.


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