Benefits Of Douglas Fir Essential Oil

Top 6 Benefits Of Douglas Fir Essential Oil Medically Proven

Benefits Of Douglas Fir Essential Oil

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Douglas tress actually belongs to the pine family and has a lot of varieties. To be precise, the Douglas tress comes in 6 varieties, and they all are useful for their own unique properties and characteristics. Of these different types of Douglas plant, two are found in North America, and 4 are located in the tropical lands of Asian countries. Amongst all the Douglas varieties of oils, the douglas fir essential oil is correctly used all around the world for its amazing medicinal properties.

The essential oil of douglas fir is extracted by the process of steam distillation of the leaves and the thrones of the douglas fir tree. One of the main characteristics of the douglas fir essential il is its aroma. The aroma of the Douglas essential oil sets it different from the rest of the essential oil and other Douglas varieties also.

One other surprising fact about the Douglas plant is that it can be used as a Christmas tree also. The plant itself has an alluring aroma that will light up your house. Actually, this smell of the douglas fir essential oil or the plant contains beneficial properties to cure various diseases and health issues. What more do you expect from a plant and its essential oil? Well, the douglas fir tree is a wind-pollinated plant, it can be carried a long distance with the help of the wind and grow in a vast area.

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No matter which essential oil you use, maybe douglas fir doterra or an exercise-based one. A right blend with another essential oil can really boost up the properties and working process of the essential oil. It compels them to work faster in your body and give you quick relief for whatever the cause you may be using the blend. It is very crucial to know the perfect ratio of blending and having proper knowledge about how much of which oil can be used in a combination.

Only a perfect blend of essential oils can give you mesmerizing benefits. The douglas fir properties pop up if you blend lemon essential oil, pine essential oil, orange essential oil, grape essential oil, bergamot essential oil, lavender essential oil, white fir essential oil, rosemary essential oil, juniper essential oil. These oils, when mixed with the Douglas firs, gives fantastic results. You may want to take notes from a pro primary oil user about how to blend essential oils and carrier oils if you are new in this arena.

If you are thinking that the Douglas essential oil only helps to relieve health issues, then you are dead wrong. Not just the health issues, the Douglas essential oil also helps to reduce the mental problems. They call the Douglas essential oil “Generation wisdom” for a reason. The reason is that the oils help to be mentally calm by regulating specific hormones and reducing mental stress. The oil helps you to be focused and think through things with a fresh mind. This is how douglas fir oil comes in handy if you want to make a good relationship with your kids and their grandparents.

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As we are talking about the benefits of douglas fir essential oil, it is good to mention that the oil is famous all around the world for its amazing antibacterial, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. The Douglas essential oil is proved to help you get in a good health condition by treating some of the human health conditions. So, without further due, let us check out the douglas fir oil benefits.

1. Douglas fir essential oil for skin:

Douglas fir doterra helps to control skin oiliness by locking the balanced moisture in your skin. It acts as a refreshing toner if you can apply it with your moisturizer. The essential oil is extracted by the process of steam distillation, the product is 100% natural and of course, better than many other chemical products you use for your skincare. Just ad a few drops of douglas fir essential oil with your favourite moisturizer and apply it at night before going to bed.

2. Douglas fir essential oil against infections:

The douglas fir essential oil has active anti-microbial and anti-fungus properties, which are priced to cure any time of external and internal diseases. As the Douglas essential oil has a unique and alluring smell, then it is taken has aromatherapy cures the internal conditions of the respiratory tract, lungs, and stomach. The Douglas essential oil can also be topically used on the skin if there is an external infection.

3. Douglas essential oil as an air purifier:

The air needs to be purified as it has many toxins and polluted. Otherwise, many deadly diseases can show up like asthma, allergies, lung infection, breathing distress, and whatnot. The Douglas essential oil does the exact same thing for you. It is a fantastic air purifier. When kept in a diffuser inside a room, it purifies the air and let you inhale the fresh pollution and toxin-free air.

4. Douglas essential oil for relieving mental stress:

The douglas fir essential oil can manage your stress level and keep your depression and anxiety at bay. It is a perfect oil for massage. Even if you have a severe headache, you can use the Douglas essential oil. Just take a few drops of Douglas essential oil and mix it with a carrier oil like coconut carrier oil or olive oil and massage it on your head and through the hair roots. The aroma of the Douglas essential oil helps to cure mental stress and anxiety. It allows you to refocus on your work and apparently increase your concentration.

SO, next time you feel stressed at work, just sit back and take aromatherapy of Douglas essential oil.

5. Douglas essential oil as a mood lifter:

As Douglas essential oil works to keep your mental stress miles away if it also helps to enhance your mood. IT makes you cheerful all the way. The douglas fir oil doterra can make you feel happy and active all day if you bottle up the essential oil in a diffuser and keep it in your room, office room, or bedroom. It might as give you the chance to set the mood for a romantic night and spend quality time with your partner. You can also keep it in your babies room to keep them calm and provide them with peaceful sleep.

6. Douglas fir oil benefits respiratory problems:

Like i said earlier, the douglas fir essential oil can treat internal injuries if you take the aromatherapy of the douglas fir essential oil. The people suffering from asthma or seasonal allergic reaction, which causes respiratory diseases, they can use a diffuser or inhaler to take the aromatherapy of the Douglas essential oil. People gave positive reviews after using the douglas fir oil for easing respiratory problems.

In conclusion, the douglas fir essential oil won’t disappoint you if you set your mind to use it. You can blend some essential oil and carrier oil to make the oil more active and work effectively. But it is always useful to con result your doctor before starting to use any essential oil. Because some essential oil can show skin sensitivity reactions. Also, keep the essential oil out of reach of children and avoid eye contact. Pregnant women and breastfeeding women can also talk to their physician to be sure about using the Douglas essential oil.


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