essential oils for anger

10 Best Essential Oils For Anger Medically Proven

Essential Oils For Anger

Getting angry frequently is something that short tempered people do. Life sometimes can get much harder for them who gets angry at the slightest. The angry birds might not get the desired position or accomplished goal as they wanted and there are many chronic diseases that may show up because of anger. Like there may be a sudden rise in your blood pressure, headache, low sex drive, back pain, poor appetite, and even depression. So, t is really necessary to calm yourself down before things start getting out of your hands.

You can use essential oils for anger. Since ancient times essential oils for anger management is in practice because of the essential oil’s effectiveness on calming down anger and mental stress real quick. Essential oils for aggression are easily available at the stores.

This post is going to help you if you have a short temper and get mad easily. I am here to suggest you some best essential oils for anger. I believe using these oils you can get a noticeable change in your mind and as well as behavior. Getting angry and stress out frequently won’t be a problem anymore if you use essential oil for mood swings.

Best essential oils for anger management

Without further due let us check out some best and effective essential oils to control your emotions and deal with life with a better mood and behavior.

Lavender oil for anger

Lavender essential oil is a really unknown essential oil for anger management and also relieving mental stress and anxiety. The lavender essential oil has soothing and relaxing properties which helps to release mental stress and as well as anger. The lavender essential oil can also prevent the symptoms of anger like it can treat high blood pressure, headache, back pain, etc. The lavender essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help the oil to treat these chronic diseases.

The aromatherapy of lavender essential oil is really useful in this case. You can put some lavender essential oil in your diffuser or you can mix some lavender essential oil, carrier oil, and water. Spray it on your pillow covers or handkerchief and take the aromatherapy of lavender essential oil. The sweet and alluring aroma of the lavender oil helps to manage your anger effectively.


rose essential oil for anger

The rose essential oil has a very sweet and warm smell which has therapeutic and healing properties, The aromatherapy of rose essential oil works to release your mental stress and depression. Rose essential oil s a really good essential oil to use for depression because it can treat the post-traumatic disorder. You can take the aromatherapy of rose essential oil by putting a few drops of rose essential oil and coconut carrier oil in your inhaler. You can also use your diffuser to get its beneficial properties throughout your house.


Frankincense oil for anger

Frankincense is a great essential oil for mood changes. It also helps with anger management. The frankincense essential oil has relaxing properties which soothe your mind and gives you a feeling of peace. As a result, your hot temper cools down and you have a relaxing mind. The frankincense essential oil has a small number of sedative properties which help you to get a peaceful sleep. You can massage a few drops of frankincense essential oil on the back of your ear and neck. You can also use your inhaler to take the aromatherapy of frankincense essential oil directly and get the benefits of it.


Peppermint essential oils for anger

Peppermint essential oil has a cool and refreshing effect on your mind and your body. It cools down your anger faster than you can ever imagine. The peppermint essential oil also helps to get rid of an excess headache, tiredness and poor appetite. You can use peppermint essential oil for aromatherapy. The cool energizing fragrance of peppermint essential oil will make you energetic and also lift up your mood. So, no more grumpiness when you can definitely rely on peppermint essential oil.


Ylang Ylang oil for anger management

People often suffer from anxiety that led them to extreme sadness and Mostly people cannot help the situation or they are unable to control their emotions. Ylang ylang essential oil jumps down for their rescue. The ylang-ylang essential oil relaxes the nerves of your brain and give your mind a relaxing sensation. As a result, the anxiety and the tendency of overthinking fade away. The ylang-ylang essential oil can also help to keep your blood pressure at bay. It also treats your severe headache. You can take the aromatherapy of Ylang Ylang essential oil from your diffuser 2;3 times a day when you are suffering from depression.


Sandalwood essential oils for anger

Sandalwood essential oil is a great oil for mental stress and anxiety. It also helps to reduce anger. The aroma of the sandalwood essential oil is so great that it relaxes your nerves and muscles and helps to get sound sleep, Sleeping can solve your anger or anxiety issues and help to relax your mind. The sandalwood essential oil also treats your poor appetite and headache or shoulder pain. So, it is safe to keep sandalwood essential oil near at hand.


Bergamot essential oils for anger management

Bergamot is a high breed of lemon and orange. It has similar qualities and pro[erties as them. The bergamot essential oil has the same citrus like smell like the lemon essential oil and orange essential oil. The fresh smell of the bergamot essential oil refreshes your mind and fill your mind with joyful feeling. The bergamot essential oil drives out the anger and anxiety and helps you to control your own emotions. You can take the aromatherapy of bergamot essential oil and put it in your diffuser by mixing it with a carrier oil like jojoba oil and use t for aromatherapy.


Vetiver oil for anger

Vetiver essential oil is a young living essential oil for anger management. It works similarly like the lemongrass essential oil. The sweet and warm aroma of vetiver essential oil helps to soothe your mind by driving out the mental stress and anger. The vetiver essential oil also reduces your headache and tiredness. You can use a few drops of vetiver essential oil and rub against your ears for aromatherapy. You can also use it on your wrist.


Petitgrain oil for anger

Not many people know about the petitgrain essential oil. The petitgrain essential oil is extracted from the orange tree. So, the petitgrain essential oil. So, it as similar qualities like the orange essential oil. The petitgrain essential oil is a good oil to relax your mind and give you a soothing effect. You can pour a few drops of petitgrain essential oil in your bath water and take a bath. This will help to relax your muscles as well as your mind.


Rosemary essential oil for anger

Rosemary essential oil has an earth-like woody smell which helps to make your mood cheerful and happy. The rosemary essential oil has a calming effect on your mind. The rosemary essential oil is also used for relaxing your muscles. The rosemary essential oil can vanish your tiredness and make you lively and energetic. You can take aromatherapy of rosemary essential oil through your diffuser by diluting the concentrated essential oil.

In conclusion, all of the essential oils mentioned above works effectively to manage your anger issues. However, you must know how much of these essential oils are to be used. You may consult your doctor before using an essential oil because not every skin type adopts every essential oil. It can cause irritation and rashes on your skin. So, better you consult your doctor. If you are pregnant then it is advisable for you to keep away from using essential oils.

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