Essential Oils For Anxiety

11 Best Essential Oils For Anxiety Medically Proven

Anxiety is such a serious mental problem that needs a quick recovery. Or else you may face other problems. Anxiety or depression makes your mind weak and allows you to believe that you are not enough when that is not at all true. Anxiety lowers your self-confidence and lets you fail in your life. However, you should get out of your depression as soon as possible because depression spreads and gets bigger and more deadly like a virus. Essential oils for anxiety is in use for a long time.

Why not will it be, the essential oil for anxiety and doterra essential oils for anxiety has a lot of medicinal properties which are proved by the doctors that they can actually relax your nerves and give you a calming feeling. Aromatherapy of the best essential oils for anxiety has helped a lot of people to get through their anxiety and mental stress. Nevertheless, you can take medicines prescribed by your doctor but essential oils for anxiety is natural anxiety medications.

Essential oils are known to be natural medicine for anxiety. IF we talk about herbal remedies for anxiety then we must mention essential oils because essential oils are derived from herbs itself. So, in another way, these herbs are called natural herbs for anxiety. So, here you go some natural anxiety remedy or best supplements for anxiety.

Best essential oils for anxiety

Some effective essential oils for anxiety are noted below,

  • Lavender oil for anxiety

Lavender essential oil is the best essential oil for anxiety. Lavender oil is widely used for aromatherapy because lavender oil has properties which can calm the excited or hyperactive nerves down and relax your muscles. The scent of lavender oil is really effective in this case. You can put a few drops of lavender essential oil in your bath water with a carrier oil like jojoba oil or sweet almond oil and take a hot water bath. You can also take massage with lavender oil.

People have also tried putting 2/3 drops of lavender essential oil ion their pillow cover so that the smell of the lavender oil keeps going to their nose even when they are sleeping.


  • Sweet basil oil for anxiety

Sweet basil essential oil has a really sweet and war smell which is used for aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the process when you inhale the scent of the essential oils and get relief from your mental stress, depression, and anxiety. The sweet basil essential oil has sedative properties in it which help to relieve your mental stress and also helps you to sleep peacefully.

The sweet aroma of sweet basil essential oil drains all your tension and anxiety out and relaxes your mind. You an out a few drops of basil essential oil in your diffuser and keep it around the house so the smell remains all over your house. Or you can just put it in an inhaler and smell it whenever you feel down.


  • Rose oil for anxiety

Who does not like the aroma of rose? And we are quite familiar with the scent of rose. But did you know the aroma of rose can be used to relieve anxiety and mental stress? well. it is true. The rose essential oils extracted from the petals of a rose. So, it is a natural remedy for anxiety. You can mix the rose essential oil in your unscented moisturizer and massage it on your body.

Or you can also put a few drops of rose essential oil with a carrier oil like olive or coconut oil and take a warm water bath. This oil will help you to relax your mind and give you a peaceful feeling.


  • Ylang ylang oil for anxiety

Ylang ylang essential oil is another good oil for anxiety when blended with lavender and rosemary essential oil. The ylang-ylang essential oil controls the part of your brain which controls emotions and relives the stress. It makes your head feel light and relaxed. You a put a few drops of ylang-ylang essential oil in a diffuser and keep it inside your room to make your room scented with the aroma of ylang-ylang essential oil or you can simply use an inhaler.


Clary sage essential oil is a young living essential oils for anxiety. The warm woody smell of clary sage essential oil helps to relieve your mental stress and anxiety in a short time and give you mental relaxation. NO, the question is how to use essential oils for anxiety. You can directly inhale the clary sage essential oil by diluting it or you can use the oil to massage it on your body.


You can use bergamot essential oil to relieve mental stress and anxiety effectively because the bergamot essential oil has a really cheerful citrus smell like the orange essential oil. You can also use the bergamot essential oil mixed with orange essential oil and use it to release your mental stress and anxiety. Put can spray bergamot essential oil in your pillow covers and inhale it. Or you can inhale the diluted bergamot essential oil directly. Either way, the oil is prepared to help in releasing anxiety and mental stress.


  • Jasmin oil for anxiety

Jasmin is a beautiful flower with a mesmerizing smell. The aroma of the jasmine flower is used to relieve our mental stress and anxiety. The essential oil of jasmine has a really rich and warm smell of jasmine flower. The good part is the jasmine essential oil does not have any sedative properties that may put you to sleep. Instead, jasmine essential oil drives out your anxiety and makes you more energetic.


  • Valerian oil for anxiety

Valerian is one of the natural herbs for anxiety. The essential oil of valerian is really effective for anxiety. The sedative properties of valerian essential oil make your body and mind to relax and the anxiety goes out of your mind. Valerian essential oil is used for anxiety for a very long time. So this is definitely the oil you would like to rely on.


  • Sandalwood oil for anxiety

If you want to take a moment of relaxation in your busy life then sandalwood essential oil will help you to get it. Sandalwood essential oil has a really sweet smell which will relax your mind as well as muscles. You can dilute the sandalwood essential oil with 6 drops of carrier oil with 3 drops of sandalwood essential oil and put it in your diffuser.


  • Frankincense oil for anxiety

Frankincense essential oil is a really good oil for driving out your anxiety and mental stress. it relaxes your mind and fills it with a peaceful feeling. You can put a few drops of frankincense essential oil in your bath or even massage it. You can also blend 4 drops of jasmine oil, 3 drops of orange oil and 6 drops of carrier oil and make a good natural anxiety remedy.


  • Chamomile oil for anxiety

Chamomile essential oil works better than most another antidepressant out there. This is one of the best supplements for anxiety. It helps you to get rid of mental stress, overthinking, insecurities, etc. You can massage the chamomile essential oil on your body by diluting the concentrated oil or you can take the aromatherapy of chamomile essential oil.

So, there is the best natural medicine for anxiety. For those who do not like taking medicines, they can use essential oil which is really easy and convenient. But you must be careful about how to use essential oils for anxiety. You make to make the concentrated essential oil diluted by mixing a carrier oil. Otherwise, your skin may show reactions like rash, allergy, etc. May may consult your doctor before using any essential oil.

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