essential oils for congestion

7 Best Essential Oils For Congestion Medically Proven

essential oils for congestion

What is congestion

Before knowing about the remedies of congestion, you must have explicit knowledge about what exactly is congestion and why it happens. The congestion is usually called sinus congestion because it clogs the sinuses in your skin, especially your facial skin. The sinuses are the very tiny air pockets through which the air passes and takes part in various physiological activities. Often these pockets or sinus may get clogged and congested due to environmental pollution or bacterial attack, and that is what we call sinus congestion.

When these pores get plugged, you start to feel severe pain in your head, and you get a runny nose and even flu. I am not going to lie that there are various over the counter medicines for congestion, but these medicines are chemicals with potential side effects. The chemical doses in your bloodstream regularly can be harmful in the long run as there is a possibility that these medicines can damage your liver, kidney, etc. Now you might be thinking about what should you do to get rid of congestion.

The answer is straightforward, and you switch to more natural remedies than using chemical medications. Speaking of which, There are many young living essential oils for congestion. These essential oils for congestion are enriched with physical and beneficial properties which can treat your congestion rapidly without any side effects. You can get essential oils for congestion and cough. The essential oil for congestion doterra is beneficial in a natural way.

If you look for essential oils for sinus infection that ultimately result in congestion, you will also end up finding ideal essential oils for sinus headache and pressure. And I am here to suggest some best essential oils for diffuser that you can use very easy for aromatherapy.

Best essential oils for congestion:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Clove essential oil
  • Frankincense essential oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Oregano essential oil


Essential oils are always a smart choice for treating various diseases because they are 100% natural and extracted from plant parts. The essential oils which are retrieved through the process of steam distillation are purer than the other ones. Well, make sure to buy pure essential oils because you might also have to use the essential oils on your skin too. If the essential oils are diluted, then they may show allergic reaction and irritation to your skin. So, without further due, let us get to know the name of best essential oil for congestion and the essential oils for sinus drainage.

Tea tree oil for congestion:

You must have heard about the tea tree essential oil. The tea tree essential oil is one edible essential oils for sinus headaches because the tea tree essential oil contains properties like antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and healthy antioxidants. You can use the tea tree essential oil on your face after diluting the essential oil properly with a carrier oil like jojoba or olive oil. As there is sinus on your forehead and the sides of your nose, focus on applying the diluted essential oil over there. Tea tree essential oils for nasal congestion also works effectively.


Peppermint essential oil for congestion:

Peppermint essential oils are the light natured essential oils for ear congestion because the peppermint essential oil has a numbing effect on your body. So, the peppermint essential oil is quick to numb the irritation and painful sensation you experience due to ear congestion. The peppermint essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and pain relieving agents. So, you can also use the peppermint essential oil for head congestion relief. Just apply a few drops of peppermint essential oil near the ears and nose twice a day for getting better results.


Lemon essential oil for congestion:

Lemon essential oil is the oil which will make you feel energetic and cheer up your mood in no time. The lemon essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help to relieve sinus headaches. The lemon essential oils are one of the best essential oils for sinus pressure. You can take aromatherapy of lemon essential oil through a diffuser. The lemon essential oil is 100% better than the medicines which have powerful sedative and make you sleepy. The lemon essential oil does precisely the opposite. The lemon essential oil makes you feel light and energetic and also treats your congestion.


Clove essential oils for congestion:

Clove essential oil is one of those strong and intense essential oils that are using used for treating diseases and reducing pains. Remember what you used to place under your aching tooth? It was cloves. The essential of clove has active anti-pain and antibacterial properties, which fights against the congestion causing bacterias and release your sinus. As the clove essential oil is concentrated, you need to dilute the essential oil with a coconut carrier oil and use this blend for cold and cough too. Take aromatherapy with a diffuser.


Frankincense essential oils for congestion:

Frankincense essential oil is one of the ancient essential oil that has been used for many years. The frankincense essential oil has potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which work together to treat congestion of any type and clear your sinus. The frankincense essential oil is a dense oil that is why it needs a proper mixture of carrier oil. You can use coconut oil or olive oil with the frankincense essential oil and put a few drops in boiling water. Inhale the steam of the boiling water. It should help a lot in treating your congestion.


Rosemary essential oil for congestion

Rosemary essential oil is light in nature; that is why it is a suitable oil to use on your children. Sometimes the children suffer from cold, congestion and cough. Vapor rubs can b harmful for their skin because all it contains is chemicals. That is why you can try using rosemary essential oil. You may or may not dilute the rosemary essential oil with a carrier oil.

If you choose to dilute the oil, then you can use any of your favorite carrier oil. Just take some rosemary essential oil and rub the oil on your kid’s chest, neck, and forehead. If your child is older than eight years old when he or she can take the aromatherapy as the rosemary essential oil has a pleasant smell.


Oregano essential oils for congestion:

Oregano essential oil is yet another effective essential oil for congestion. It also helps in cold and cough. TheThe essential oregano oil is generally dense in nature, so this oils sure needs some carrier oil to be mixed with. You can use carrier oils like almond oil or olive oil. Just mix some essential oregano oil in your bath water. MAke sure the water is warm and comfortable. Take a long relaxing bath and get rid of our awful sinus headaches and pressure.

In conclusion, all the essential oils mentioned above are quality products if you want to use them for treating congestion and sinusitis. The essential oils are natural to use, and you can get them from online or over the counter shops.

But like I said earlier, you need to sure that you are buying a pure essential oil not a fake one. You can take a skin test before using any essential oil to make sure that the essential oil sits your skin; otherwise, you may get an allergic reaction and rashes all over your surface. Many essential oils are not useable for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms. So, better if you consult your doctor before starting to use any essential oil.

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