Essential Oils For Gout

Top 10 Best Essential Oils For Gout Medically Proven

Essential Oils For Gout

Essential Oils For Gout

Gout is a condition where you feel severe joint pain suddenly. Just like arthritis, the gout pain also causes redness and swelling of the joints. The main cause of gout is the accumulation of uric acid within your bone joints which is happened due to the break down of purines found in your DNA. There are different kinds of medicines found for this kind of diseases but you can also try some natural remedies side by side to get well soon.

There are many essential oils for gout. The doterra essential oils for gout are enriched with medicinal properties like pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which help to reduce your pain and cure gout naturally without any potential side effects. Essential oils for gout treatment are proved to be effectively amazing on the affected area and people report that essential oil for gout treatment has been beneficial for them.

You can find these young living essential oils for gout over the counter very easily and who would want to get better treatment of essential oils for gut young living to get a fast recovery. Pains in the joints can be very uncomfortable and a barrier to your daily work but by using essential oils for gout pains you can reduce the pain to a great extent and get back to work. You can also carry essential oils for gout relief spray along with you in your workplace or wherever you go and spray a little when you feel the inflammation and pain.

Best essential oils for gout:

1. Basil essential oil

2. Ginger essential oil

3. Black pepper essential oil

4. Tea tree essential oil

5. Celery seed essential oil

6. Rosemary essential oil

7. Lemon essential oil

8. Lavender essential oil

9. Clove essential oil

10. Wintergreen essential oil

If you are wondering how to treat gout naturally then I am about to end your worry because people have been using essential oil for gout pain for a long time and they always give a positive review. Essential oils are considered a natural cure for gout as the essential oils are extracted from the parts of plants through the process of steam distillation. So, stop wondering how to get rid of gout naturally and start using essential oils. Without further due let us check out the essential oils for treating gout naturally.

[su_highlight background=”#5dfaff”]Basil essential oil for gout[/su_highlight]

Basil essential oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties which help to treat your gout effectively. Some people ask is turmeric good for gout. Ye turmeric is very effective for gout because turmeric has natural strong antioxidant which helps to reduce your pain and inflammation. You can dilute the basil essential oil using your favorite essential oil and then add one pinch of turmeric and then massage it on the affected area. You can use this twice a day for better results.

[su_highlight background=”#5dfaff”]Ginger oil for gout[/su_highlight]

Ginger essential oil is a very common spice packed with various medicinal properties. So, no wonder the ginger essential oil cures your gout. To get instant relief from a gout attack you can blend grapefruit essential and ginger essential oil and massage it on the affected area because grapefruit and gout and ginger and gout do not quite get along. The strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of both the essential oils in the blend helps to reduce the pain and inflammation quickly.

[su_highlight background=”#5dfaff”]Black pepper oil for gout[/su_highlight]

Black pepper is a very effective oil for any kind of pain, especially for arthritis and gout. The black pepper essential oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce the inflammation quickly and it also relaxes your muscles to give you long-lasting relief. The black pepper essential oil regulates the blood flow and prevents the accumulation of uric acid between the bone joints.

You can massage a few drops of black pepper essential oil on the affected area after diluting it properly with olive oil or jojoba oil or you can put some black pepper essential oil in your bath water and take a long relaxing bath. You can also use Epsom salt soak for gout along with back pepper oil.

[su_highlight background=”#5dfaff”]Tea tree essential oils for gout[/su_highlight]

What essential oils are good for gout? Most of the people out there say tea tree essential oil is the most effective doterra oils for gout. As you may know that tea tree is a very popular essential oil which is used for almost everything. The tea tree has strong antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce the inflammation and pain. You can use coconut oil for gout as a carrier oil along with the tea tree essential oil and apply it on the affected area.

[su_highlight background=”#5dfaff”]Celery seed oil for gout[/su_highlight]

Celery seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the celery plant through the process of steam distillation. The celery seed essential oil also has beneficial properties by which you can treat your gout and prevent a gout attack. Mix apple cider vinegar for gout along with celery seed essential oil to reduce the pain instantly. As you may know, how long does a gout attack last if you have gout, you can keep the blend ready and swiftly apply whenever you feel an attack coming. ➊

[su_highlight background=”#5dfaff”]Rosemary essential oils for gout[/su_highlight]

Rosemary essential oil is used for various purposes like relieving mental stress and fatigue and reducing inflammation. The rosemary essential oil has strong anti-inflammatory, analgesic and diuretic properties which altogether treat gout and reduce the swelling of the joint. The rosemary essential oil also ensures proper blood circulation, as a result, the blood can take the medicinal properties to the affected area of your body. You just need to dilute the rosemary essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil and massage it on the affected area. ➋

[su_highlight background=”#5dfaff”]Lemon essential oils for gout[/su_highlight]

Lemon essential oil is used mainly for relieving mental stress and depression. The lemon essential oil helps you to focus on your work and also makes you energetic. The aromatherapy of lemon essential oil is very effective in this case. But do you know that the lemon essential oil also helps to treat gout? Well, now you know. The strong anti-inflammatory properties of lemon essential oil reduce the pain and also the anti-inflammation and swelling of your bone joints. You can massage a few drops of lemon essential oil by diluting it with your favorite carrier oil. NSAIDs for gout is also an effective way to deal with gout.

[su_highlight background=”#5dfaff”]Lavender essential oils for gout[/su_highlight]

Who does not know about lavender essential oil? The lavender essential oil is enriched with beneficial properties like anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antibacterial and antioxidant. These medicinal properties take part to treat various kind of diseases and disorders, That is why lavender essential oil is an effective oil for reducing the pain caused by gout. The lavender essential oil ensures proper blood circulation, as a result, the uric acid cannot accumulate within the bone joints. So, its lavender essential oil plays a great role in curing gout.

[su_highlight background=”#5dfaff”]Clove essential oils for gout[/su_highlight]

Clove essential oil has a warm effect on your body which is really good for relieving pain. Other than that clove essential oil has its natural pain-relieving agents which can reduce any kind of pain. So, you can massage a few drops of clove essential oil on the affected area by diluting the concentrated essential oil using carrier oils like jojoba oil or sunflower oil. If you can use the clove essential oil regularly then hopefully you will get relief from gout within a week.

[su_highlight background=”#5dfaff”]Wintergreen essential oils for gout[/su_highlight]

Have you heard of wintergreen essential oil? This is a holistic treatment for gout because the wintergreen essential oil is enriched with pain-relieving agents which a treat almost any kind of pain from period cramps to joint pain. The wintergreen essential oil relaxes your muscles and nurses proper blood circulation which ultimately gives you a great relief. You can take the aromatherapy of wintergreen essential oil by putting a few drops of wintergreen essential oil in boiling water. Take the steam of the boiling water twice a day for better results.

In conclusion, all above the essential oils mentioned above are really effective for treating gout. You can look ut for gout treatment guidelines and then start using essential oils. People are obsessed with essential oils because the beneficial uses these essential oils offer. However, you should consult your doctor before using an essential oil also you need to know the proportions to dilute the essential oils properly. If you are pregnant the stay away from the essential oils and also do not let your children mess with it.


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