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15 Amazing Benefits Of Cardamom Essential Oil Medically Proven

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Cardamom essential oil is widely used in the Asian and middle eastern countries for cooking. However, the essential oil from cardamom is extracted from the cardamom seed through the steam distilled process. The essential oil contains a very tangy and misty smell which can be used for aromatherapy. Cardamom essential oil benefits us in many other ways, as the cardamom oil has a lot of medicinal properties which can help to cure some diseases. Cardamom is not only famous for its essential oil but, it is quite famous as a spice too. Cardamom benefits us in a number of ways as a spice too when used in Asian cuisine. The scientific name of cardamom is Elettaria Cardamomum.


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The cardamom essential oil was mainly used for adding advanced flavors in cooking. It has a really distinctive smell which is also used to prevent bad breath. Other than that, cardamom oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, antifungal, antimicrobial properties. Cardamom oil also helps in digestion, prevents the side effects of chemotherapy, regulates your blood flow.


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The cardamom oil is composed of some chemical elements which help to induce medicinal qualities in the cardamom essential oil

  • Citronellol
  • p-cymene
  • terpinen-4-oil
  • mycrene
  • sabinene
  • linalyl acetate
  • methyl eugenol
  • nerol

so, these are the chemical composition of cardamom essential oil.


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Amazing medicinal benefits of cardamom essential oil are described below


  • Increases hunger

Some people have poor appetite. Nothing in the world seems to satisfy their taste. Taking a small amount of food can make you suffer from malnutrition and make you weak. That is why it is really important to increase your appetite. Wondering how to increase appetite? You can take cardamom oil in a glass of water and drink it after each meal. You will be amazed by the effective results of the cardamom oil.


  • Treats constipation

Constipation can make you suffer from hell and back. You have to sit in the toilet to take a dump for hours. To get relief from constipation you can massage a few drops of cardamom essential oil. You can also use a carrier oil like almond oil or avocado oil to massage your lower abdomen. It is an effective way to treat constipation in a natural way.


  • Prevents urinary tract infection

The urinary tract can get infected when not kept clean. The infection in the urinary tract causes irritation and burning. You constantly feel the pain. TO cure urinary tract infection you can massage a few drops of cardamom oil in your lower abdomen. Basically, you have to massage it from waist to the lower abdomen. Using cardamom essential oil twice a day can treat you urine infection faster because it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which prevent the infection and reduces the pain.


  • Vermifuge

We all have roundworm or thread worn in your stomach. It becomes quite a hazard when these worms double in number and cause health troubles. It can make you malnutrition and make you nauseatic. You need to prevent these worms from spreading by using cardamom essential oil. you can mix a few drops of cardamom oil in a glass of water and drink it before each meal three times a day. It will kill the worms and also increase your appetite.


  • Cardamom essential oil for anger

Mental stress is a common thing. But we need a quick heal when you get panic attacks or excess mental stress. Cardamom oil is a 100% natural home remedy which can give you relief from mental stress and anxiety pretty fast.

The aromatherapy of cardamom oil can get you to get quick relief. Put 5/6 drops of cardamom oil into your diffuser with carrier oils like almond oil or avocado oil and take a deep breath. Inhaling the smell for 10-15 minutes can relieve your mental stress.


  • Cardamom essential oil for erection

Cardamom essential oil has aphrodisiac properties which stimulate the sexual characteristics and also regulate the blood circulation. As a result, erectile dysfunction gets cured. Lavender oil, clary sage, cedarwood, ginger essential oils are known as essential oils for erection.


  • Treats short time memory loss

People suffering from dementia and Alzheimer suffer from short time memory loss. Cardamom essential oil is a natural solution for short time memory loss. Take aromatherapy of cardamom oil. However, taking aromatherapy at night should be avoided because it can overstimulate the memories and can have an adverse effect on the patient.


  • Heals muscle pain and injuries

People suffer from muscle and joint pain ]after a certain age. Taking high power medicine sometimes cannot treat their pain. In that case, the only way that remains is, getting natural treatment. The natural treatment is using cardamom oil. Massage the cardamom oil in the area where you have pain. Using this massage therapy for a week can reduce your pain to a great extent.


  • Prevents cancer

Cardamom essential oil treat cancer by its amazing medicinal properties. It neutralizes the effect of chemotherapy and helps to maintain a healthy life. Massaging cardamom oil in the lower abdomen, chest, neck and back helps to prevent tumors, skin cancer and breast cancer. You can apply the cardamom oil by mixing carrier oil like lavender oil or jojoba oil to it.


  • Treats allergy

If you have a seasonal allergy, you might experience the different type of allergy in a different season. It becomes quite a headache. So, all you can do is, rach for cardamom essential oil to treat and prevent your seasonal or any regular allergy. You can take aromatherapy of cardamom essential oil twice or thrice a day to cure deadly allergy.


  • Treats dry cough:

Prolonged deposition of mucus inside the chest can cause dry cough. You can get rid of dry cough by using cardamom essential oil. Just pour a few drops of essential oil in a glass of lukewarm water and gargle. Or you can also drink the cardamom oil mixed water. This will clear your throat and give you a relief from dry and course throat.


  • Develops digestive power

CArdamom essential can work to improve your digestion by stimulating your digestive system. It helps to secrete all the essential hormones that are needed for proper digestion. As a result, it can improve your digestion when you have heavy meals. It also saves your tummy from a stomach infection.


  • Heals respiratory diseases

Cardamom essential oil is an expert in healing your respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and other fatal diseases. It has spasmodic properties which help to keep your lungs healthy and also prevents any infection that can occur in our trachea or bronchus.


  • Cardamom essential oil for hair

Cardamom essential oil can help you to get healthy looking shiny smooth hair in no time. You can just add a few drops of cardamom oil in your regular hair oil and massage your scalp. This will help in proper blood circulation, as a result, it will prevent hair loss and help to grow new hair. You can also use cardamom oil in your shampoo.


  • Prevents bad breath

We all know cardamom essential oil has a distinctive smell which helps to freshen up your breath and give a sweet smell. It also takes care of your oral health by preventing various oral infections.

Cardamom oil uses or benefits are uncountable. So, if someone asks ‘what are the benefits of cardamom’ you have the answer. And if you are looking for cardamom essential oil substitute, you can easily reach out for clove, cinnamon, bergamot and rosemary essential oils. The uses of cardamom oil are really effective and benefit us in the most convenient way. This oil is also safe. for kids to use. Yet you should consult a doctor just to check if your skin is cardamom sensitive.

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