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10 Health Benefits Of Cassia Essential Oil Medically Proven

What Is Cassia Oil

Cassia essential oil is extracted from cassia flower, cassia bark, cassia leaf, twigs and cassia doterra through the steam distillation process. The flavor of cassia oil is like real cinnamon. It has that pungent and spicy warm fragrance. The cassia plant is cultivated in China and it was mostly used to add flavors in cooking. But with the advancement of technology, people got to know that cassia oil has its own unique medicinal benefits.

The benefits of cassia oil are really effective so is the cassia essential oil uses. The scientific name of cassia is Cinnamomum cassia. It has beneficial properties like antioxidant, antiseptic and helps to heal many deadly diseases like tuberculosis, leprosy, irregular menstruation etc. The oil can also be used for aromatherapy


Chemical components of cassia essential oil

  • Cinnamic aldehyde
  • Linalool
  • Chavicol
  • Cinnamyl acetate
  • Benzaldehyde

These components of the cassia plant help to induce various beneficial qualities into the cassia essential oil.


Benefits Of Cassia Essential Oil

I’m about to break down the benefits of cassia essential oil. I’m sure you will be amazed to know all the amazing medicinal benefits of cassia doterra.


  • Cassia oil for fever

Cassia essential oil is rich in febrifuge. It plays a great role in reducing fever. It helps your body to sweat, as a result, your fever reduces to a great extent. Many people have low resistive power and often get infected and suffer from viral fever. Cassia oil increases the resistive power of your body and treats your high fiver.


  • Cassia for hair

Cassia essential oil is really beneficial for hair growth. Some people have weak root, so the rate of hair fall increases. Massaging a few drops of cassia essential oil into your scalp increases the blood circulation and oxygen supply. As a result, the roots of the hair become strong and hair grows longer. You can mix cassia essential oil with your regular hair oil and apply it in your hair.


  • Cassia oil for diabetes

If you are wondering what essential oil is good for diabetes then here is the answer. Cassia essential oil is one of the best natural remedies for diabetes. It has been clinically proven that cassia oil is able to reduce blood sugar level and keep your diabetes at bay. So, if you are tired of taking high power medicines for diabetes every day, then you can definitely reach for a natural remedy. Cassia essential oil is best for type 2 diabetes.

And if you want to know essential oils to avoid with diabetes then you must avoid essential oils like cumin, fenugreek, cinnamon and oregano oils. These oils are proved to increase insulin sensitivity in your body and cause various problems.


  • Cassia essential oil to reduce mental stress and depression

You often get mentally stressed out because of various reasons in your daily life. You may also get depressed. But you cannot keep concentration in your daily work if you remain down. Cassia essential oil is a natural mood lifter. You can take aromatherapy of cassia oil. It has a sharp and warm smell with calm your nerves down and makes you cheerful. Just taking the aromatherapy for 30 minutes you can feel the difference in your mood.


  • Cassia essential oils for diarrhea

Cassia essential oil is really good for the stomach. IF has the ability to treat any stomach problems like indigestion, constipation, gas and even diarrhea. The cassia oil has antibacterial anti-inflammatory properties which eliminate all the chemical toxins from your body and treats the stomach issues. If you are suffering from serious diarrhea then you can try massaging a few drops of cassia oil in your lower abdomen. Or you can pour 3/4 drops of cassia oil in lukewarm water and drink. It will help you to regain energy and also fulfill the need for saline in your body. It basically fights with the virus and bacteria that cause diarrhea and makes you healthy again.


  • Cassia essential oil for treating arthritis

People who suffer from rheumatic fever in the early stage of life they later suffer from arthritis. In arthritis, you feel severe joint paint. Sometimes your joints swell up due to pain and it may become red. To get relief from joint pain you can try taking a message of cassia oil once or twice a day. The anti-inflammatory properties of cassia essential oil heal the pain and the swell giving you a long lasting relief. You can also try this technique if you have osteoporosis or any muscle and joint pain. It regulates the blood regulation and ensures proper secretion of hormones and flow of blood. That is why this oil is able to cure arthritis.


  • Cassia essential oil for proper secretion of hormones

Hormones are called the chemical products which are secreted from ductless glands. But if the secretion of hormones become irregular, many health issues can show up.
So, it is really important to regulate hormone secretion. Cassia essential oil helps to regulate the important hormones and stop health problems that are caused due to the improper secretion of hormones.


  • Cassia oil for regulating menstruation

It is not an abnormal phenomenon that many women do not get their period timely. And some women suffer from severe period cramps during menstruation. In this situation, many women go for high power medicines which can give you a temporal relief but not a permanent one. So, to get a permanent relief you should rely on cassia essential oil. It regulates your blood flow and gives you quick relief from period cramps. You can massage a few drops of cassia oil in your lower abdomen and also take aromatherapy for better results.


  • Cassia oil for repelling insects

Sometimes it becomes really annoying when you have little creepy creatures crawling around your house. They can be harmful. They cause various diseases like dengue, malaria etc. In this situation, you can try using Cassia oil to repel these insects. The pungent smell of cassia oil can be alluring to us humans but not to insects. So, this is a great advantage for you. You can pour a few drops of cassia essential oil in your diffuser and enjoy the warm an sweet smell of cassia essential oil while the same smell removes the irritating insects.


  • Cassia essential oil as an Anti-galactagogue

Cassia oil uses its Anti-galactagogue property to reduce the milk secretion if you are overflowing with milk. But you are a mother who is breastfeeding her child then you should refrain from using cassia oil.

Cassia essential oil has a lot of beneficial purposes. If you talk about the benefits of cassia essential oil and cassia essential oil uses, now you know a lot about cassia oil. still, you need to know how much and when to use cassia oil. You also need to know which essential oil is to blend with cassia essential oil to make it work better. Like black pepper, ginger, rosemary, nutmeg etc essential oils work best with cassia essential oil.

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