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10 Health Benefits Of Catnip Essential Oil Medically Proven

If you are searching for essential oil for your lovable cats then you are at the right place. As the name says the oil mostly deals with the cats. catnip oil works as a good cat stimulant and can make cats go crazy. That is why catnip oil for cats has a special value in the market. Not just cats the catnip benefits us, humans, too. Catnip health benefits are adorned all over the world. The catnip plant is a greyish white type plant and the oil is produced through the steam distillation process.

The catnip medicinal uses are recognized by the doctor and it is now clinically proven that catnip essential oil has beneficial properties like antioxidant, antispasmodic, Diaphoretic, Astringent, Emmenagogue, Sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. Catnip essential oil is also known as the catmint essential oil, so, by its name, you can say that the oil has a really minty flavor which can compel the cats to act all cute and crazy.


[su_highlight background=”#04f93e”]The Main Constitutes Of Catnip Essential Oils[/su_highlight]

Because of the chemical constituents in the catnip essential oil, the oil is that rich in qualities. Catnip essential oil uses have become wide and far-reaching for the properties it has.

  • Nepetalic Acid
  • Caryophyllene-Oxide
  • Dihydronepetalactone
  • Nepetalactone Isomers
  • B-Caryophyllene
  • Piperitone
  • Beta-elements
  • Nepetalactone isomers

This chemical composition is responsible for all the medicinal properties the catnip essential oil contains.


[su_highlight background=”#04f93e”]How To Make Catnip Oil[/su_highlight]

The catnip essential oil you buy from the stores are made by the steam distillation process. But you can make your own catnip oil at home if you want to. You just need some simple catnip ingredients to make catnip essential oil for your cats or humans. At first, you need to gather some catnip leaves and twigs of a catnip plant. You have to finely chop the leave and twigs together. Wash them properly and take a bowl to fill it with the chopped leaves and stems. Then soak the leaves and twigs of catnip plant with olive oil.

You can use avocado oil if you want. Then put the tray or bowl into the microwave for two or three hours at 250-degree Fahrenheit. After 3 hours of cooking, you have to take the tray out of the micro oven and let it dry. Once the whole preparation becomes cool strain out the leaves and twigs and then store the oil in a cool and dry place for further use.


[su_highlight background=”#04f93e”]Catnip Essential Oil Uses[/su_highlight]

Catnip health benefits are well known to many of us. Catnip oil for cats is famous among cat lovers and owners. But catnip oil benefits us, humans, too. I am about to expose the medicinal properties of the catnip essential oil.


  • Catnip oil for detoxifying your body

There are always some harmful toxins in our body which can do harm to our body and cause various diseases like kidney stones or kidney damage. liver problems, etc. In that case, catnip oil works as a good detoxifying agent. The catnip oil contains diaphoretic properties which help to take all the harmful chemical toxins from your body. The oils make you sweat and regulate urination so that the excess fat and salt and other chemicals get away from the body through your pores and urination. As a result, the risk of getting any kidney or liver diseases gets low and you can live a healthy disease free life.


  • Catnip essential oil for relieving mental stress

Mental stress should be relieved as soon as you feel any symptoms of mental stress. The symptoms of mental stress are, getting irritated by the slightest thing, getting tired too easily, getting depressed, remembering past, headache, etc. If you want to get rid of your mental stress then you can use catnip essential oil aromatherapy. You can use a catnip oil spray to froth it all over your house to spread the smell all around the house. It will give you a calming effect in your body by cooling down your nerves. It will make your mood good within a small amount of time.


  • Catnip essential oil for insomnia

Many people have sleeping disorders like insomnia. They can’t get enough sleep at night, as a result, their whole days feels dull. They cannot do their work with full energy. They always remain tired, all because of sleep deprivation. Well, I have good news for those you who have trouble falling asleep. The aromatherapy of catnip essential oil can put you to sleep so quickly that you cannot even imagine. The catnip oil has sedative properties which calm the excited nerves and slowly relaxes your muscles. As a result, you fall asleep and have a nice sleep at night. So, now kiss your insomnia goodbye.


  • Catnip oil to regulate the menstrual cycle

It is not a new thing that many of the teenagers have irregular periods. Instead of taking high power medicines for this problem you can take catnip oil. Catnip essential oil enriched with emmenagogue properties which helps in the secretion of the hormones which are responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle. The catnip also helps to get quick relief from the period cramps. Stop taking pain killers and start relying on natural remedies like catnip oil. Just massage a few drops of catnip essential oil in your lower abdomen to get your period regularly and treating the cruel period cramps.


  • Catnip oil for gas problems

Many people suffer from chronic gas problems if they get something off. It makes them suffer from hell and back. You get the burning sensation in the heart, your throat feels sour, you have a vomiting tendency and even your blood pressure can increase due to gas problems. Catnip oil contains carminative properties which help to give you quick relief from gas problems and also gets your blood pressure at by in no time. You can pour a few drops maybe 2/3 drops of catnip essential oil in warm water and drink it. This will help to keep your stomach health secure.


  • Catnip essential oil for skin

The catnip essential oil has anti-aging properties which help to keep your skin tight and prevents the aging lines and wrinkles makes your skin look younger. You can try massaging a few drops of catnip essential oil in your skin. MAke sure to use a carrier oil like olive oil or almond oil. This will regulate the blood circulation in your facial skin and as a result, your skin will get a natural healthy glow.


  • Catnip essential oil as a natural insect repellent

There can be unwanted creepy guests in your house crawling all over your house and sometimes biting you. These insects can be mosquitoes, bedbugs, crickets, cockroaches, etc. These insects are really harmful to your health. In this case, you can reach out for catnip essential oil instead of choosing a mosquito repellant coil which is harmful to your lungs. You can use catnip oil spray and get rid of the insects easily and harmlessly.


  • Catnip oil to heal muscle and joint pains

Catnip oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help us to get relief from our annoying muscle and joint pain which is a very common problem of people after a certain age. All you need is to massage a few drops of catnip oil your affected area to get a better benefit. It will basically ensure proper blood circulation and prevent inflammation.


  • Catnip oil to prevent cold and dry cough

When you suffer from a long-lasting cold and dry cough you should try using catnip essential oil because this essential oil is really effective to cure cold and dry cough because this oil has antibacterial properties which fight with the microbes and bacteria and gives you a relief from annoying dry cough.


  • Catnip oil to cure headache

Catnip oil can cure severe headaches like migraine and sinus and give you instant relief. You can massage the oil in your scalp or you can get aromatherapy. Within 30 minutes the oil will work its magic on you and will cure your unbearable headache.


How do you use catnip essential oil is totally up to you. Just try to avoid internal catnip oil uses. Otherwise, it is a really safe and beneficial essential oil. Catnip health benefits are not unknown to you all anyone. catnip oil is not just for cats but also catnip benefits for humans have a significance. However, before using the catnip oil you should consult your physician and avoid using catnip essential oil if you are an expecting mother or breastfeeding your child.

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