Cinnamon Essential Oil

11 Health Benefits Of Cinnamon Essential Oil Medically Proven

What Is Cinnamon Essential Oil Good For?

Cinnamon is known as a bittersweet spice. The cinnamon plants are mostly grown in Asia and later shipped throughout the world. The cinnamon essential oils extracted from different parts of a cinnamon plant like the oil which is extracted from its bark is called cinnamon bark oil and the oil which is extracted from cinnamon leaves is called cinnamon leaf oil. However, cinnamon bark essential oil is most popular because of its medicinal properties. There is a really sweet yet warm and spicy smell of cinnamon essential oil and it is mostly used for aromatherapy.

The cinnamon oil benefits us in a number of ways owing to its medicinal properties. It helps to treat many diseases and also takes care of your health. It is an effective and natural remedy that you would love to rely on. There are so many benefits of cinnamon oil as well as its uses.

How To Make Cinnamon Oil:

If you can to make cinnamon essential oil of your own then there are some easy steps;

  • Take a container in which you can heat some oil and wash is properly
  • After you are done washing the pan or container dry the pan using a towel or clean soft cloth.
  • Take 4 cups of almond oil or olive oil and start to heat the oil in medium heat.
  • Take 2 cups of ground cinnamon and when you notice that the olive oil or almonds started to boil pour the cinnamon powder into the oil.
  • Stir it gently for 5 minutes and turn off the heat.
  • When the oil cools down to take a coffee filter to filter out the left out
  • Extract the pure and clean oil and then put it in a clean germ-free container
  • Store the container in a cool and dry place to use the cinnamon oil for some time.


Cinnamon Essential Oil Benefits:

Like I said before, the cinnamon essential oil has a lot of beneficial properties by which this oil helps to maintain our health and also cures many diseases. Actually, the cinnamon essential oil is rich in antioxidants. So, cinnamon essential oil uses it’s antioxidant and may other properties to keep us healthy. So, without further due let us check out the benefits of cinnamon essential oil are:

  • Cinnamon essential oil for infections

You may get infected in different areas of your body if fungus and bacteria attack your body. Again when you get injured and that wound is neglected, thus the wound remains unclean the germs attack there and causes a fatal infection. So, it is really necessary to make these injuries and wounds disinfected. The cinnamon essential oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties by which it kills the infection causing germs cleaning the wound and also prevents various fatal diseases. And its anti-inflammatory property reduces the pain and burning sensation. So, whenever you get injured it is safe to apply a few drops of cinnamon oil before you bandage the wound.


  • The cinnamon essential oil works as a detoxifying agent

Your body constantly produces some chemical compounds which are toxic to your body. This may happen if you intake a lot of protein and fat in your daily diet and do not love a healthy, regular life. Again if you have irregular and improper excretion. It is very important to take these toxic elements out of your body otherwise these toxins can cause various problems to your body. Now the question may arise that how will you get these toxins out of your body? there is an easy way that I can offer you. That is using cinnamon oil.

The cinnamon bark essential oil contains such properties that can detoxify your body. As you know cinnamon is a spice, so, up can use cinnamon essential oil in your cooking. Then you can kill two birds with one stone. It will enhance the taste of your cooing as well as detoxify your body and keep you healthy.


  • Cinnamon oil for pain

You may suffer from different kinds of pain like muscle pain, bone joint pain, headache, etc. You may even try many pain killers and sprays and if none of them worked for you then you should definitely reach out for cinnamon essential oil. The cinnamon essential oil has Analgesic properties which help to reduce any kinds of pain. Well, you can use cinnamon oil in three ways to get rid of your pain. First, you can take aromatherapy or you can mix a few drops of cinnamon essential oil in your bath water and take a long hot water bath.

The other way is, you can sign up your partner or best friend to give you a good massage by using the cinnamon oil. All the ways will result in you the same. The oil will basically relax your muscles and nerves. Slowly you will feel the pain go away. It is a 100% natural remedy that is scientifically proven that it helps to get relief from pain.


  • Cinnamon essential oil for cancer

Cancer is a fatal disease and you need to take chemotherapy for it. But the chemotherapy uses high radiation to kill the cancer cells which makes your body really weak. Cinnamon essential oil is rich in antioxidant properties which helps to minimize the damage caused by the radiation. The antioxidant properties are also responsible for destroying cancer cells and the growth of new healthy cells.


  • Cinnamon oil for dental care

The cinnamon oil is a really good and natural product to take care of your dental health. It can use your sore teeth, and gum in no time. As the cinnamon spice has a really sweet and spicy smell It is used in mouthwash, cinnamon oil for candy and cinnamon oil for toothpicks. It helps to reduce bad breath and also takes care of our teeth and gum.


  • Cinnamon oil for irregular menstruation

Many teens and women have irregular menstruation. To cure this problem they take different high power medicines which may later damage their kidneys. It is always safe to rely on a natural remedy. Cinnamon essential oil is that natural remedy. It regulates your blood circulation when you massage it to your lower abdomen and it also helps to reduce cramps and mood swings. The aromatherapy can help to reduce mood swings by cooling down your nerves.


  • Cinnamon essential oil for libido

Cinnamon essential oil is used to increase sexual desires and it is also used for treating erectile dysfunction. If you do not often get in the mood to do naughty stuff with your partner in bed and your partner does not quite like it then you can use cinnamon oil to increase your sexual desires and please your partner.


  • Cinnamon essential oil for diabetes

Many diabetes patients have a hard time dealing with their frequently increasing sugar level and insulin sensitivity. Well, no more worries now, Cinnamon essential oil is a natural way to keep your blood sugar level at bay and it also deals with your insulin sensitivity. So, the cinnamon essential oil can be used for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients.


  • Cinnamon essential oil for weight loss

As we were just talking about the usefulness of cinnamon oil for reducing blood sugar level, the cinnamon oil helps to reduce appetite by lowering the absorption of glucose in the blood, as a result, the sugar level also falls so does your appetite. Its amazing how these things are interrelay\ted and you can be benefited in so many ways just by using essential oil.


  • Cinnamon oil for hair

If you want to take care of your hair and want to grow your hair long faster then you can reach out for cinnamon oil. Massaging a few drops of cinnamon essential oil will prevent dandruff, dry scalp problems, infection, etc as the cinnamon oil has antimicrobial properties. It will also regulate the blood circulation, as a result, the roots of your hair will be strong. You will notice the rate of hair fall reduce quickly and in no time your hair will be smooth, shiny and long.


  • Cinnamon oil for lips

A light pink, soft and smooth lip is always desirable in spite of a cracked blood dripping lip. To make your lip desireable like that you can use cinnamon oil. You can mix sugar with the oil and use it as a scrub. Or you can simply put on some cinnamon essential oil on your lips and let it moisturize your lips and do its magic. The cinnamon oil will also help you to get a plumbed lips naturally. So, no need to do a painful surgery when you can get plumbed beautiful attractive lips by using cinnamon oil at home.


However, the oil that can benefit us in a lot of ways can be dangerous to some extent too.

The cinnamon side effect includes:

  • It can make your blood diluted as a result you may become anemic and when you get injured the blood flow does not stop because it cannot get clotted.
  • Cinnamon oil has an adverse effect on your kidneys and liver if used more than the limit.
  • You should consult a doctor before using cinnamon essential oil because some people may be allergic to cinnamon essential oil.
  • If you are allergic to cinnamon oil then you can have irritation, itchiness and burning sensation all over your skin. so, be careful while using cinnamon essential oil.

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