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8 Health Benefits Of Cistus Essential Oil Medically Proven

Cistus essential oil is not a very common essential oil. So, the chances are you probably have not heard of this essential oil. However, this rare essential oil possesses some extraordinary properties which can benefit your health. The cistus oil is extracted from a plant called rose of Sharon essential oil through the steam distillation process. The cistus oil has a really alluring and attractive scent which is mostly used for aromatherapy. These plants were chiefly grown in the Greek.

In the Greek, they called the plant kistos which means evergreen shrub in the English. But the cistus oil uses were not discovered overnight. Rather it was discovered through a coincidence by the shepherd. Firstly it was the sticky substance of the plant which would stick to the sheep’s wool’s and the shepherds would have to clean it. But as time passed they noticed the beneficial influence of cistus oil and thus it came to use for us.


There are some amazing properties of cistus essential oil that many people do not know. Other than it is used for aromatherapy, this oil can also be used for different other purposes as they have properties like antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti fungal, antimicrobial, pain relieving, etc.

So, let’s check out the citrus essential oil uses:

  • Cistus oil for skin infections

You can get skin infection for various reasons like germs, contact with dirty water, would which may later result in fatal infection, etc. These infections need to be cured as soon as possible because, if not then they can make you suffer from hell and back and won’t let you live peacefully. Cistus oil has anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which help to kill the infection causing germs and also subsides the pain, irritation and burning sensation of the infection. IF you get any wound then clean it using cistus essential oil to prevent infections.


  • Cistus essential oil for skin

If you have dry skin and sensitive skin and you are tired of searching for the most suitable product to moisturize your skin then I am about to end your search now. Cistus essential oil moisturizes your skin and makes your skin glow from the inside. It also prevents your skin from infections and fungal attack. So, cistus oil also prevents acne, blackheads, whiteheads and other diseases of the skin. It makes your skin look lively and fresh. The list of benefits of cistus essential oil does not end here.

It plays a role to balance your Ph level and makes your skin appear glowing. It prevents wrinkles and aging lines to make you look younger. All you need to do is massage a few drops of cistus oil blending it with almond or olive oil on your skin in a circular motion to regulate your blood circulation.


  • Cistus essential oil for cold

When you suffer from cold and dry cough you normally take medicines which makes your head sleepy and you cannot concentrate on your work. This is the side effect of the medicines you take when you suffer from a cold and dry cough. But cistus oil is a natural remedy for cold and dry cough which is really effective to treat these type of diseases like cold, flu, influenza, etc. You can massage a few drops of cistus essential oil on your chest, the warmth of the oil will drive out the cold stuck in your chest and give you relief. You can take aromatherapy of cistus essential oil to get rid of blocked nose real quick.


  • Cistus essential oil for pain

PAins can be of any types. This oil is able to treat pain in the abdomen, stomach, head, muscles and bone joints. So, cistus oil seems to be very beneficial for elderly people who suffer from these pains after a certain age. You need to massage the cistus oil but before that dilute the essential oil using another carrier oil like olive oil or almond oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties which are responsible for treating these kinds of pain naturally and give you quick relief. So, stop taking those high power medicines that are damaging your kidney and rely on a natural remedy which will benefit you without a side effect.


  • Cistus essential oil for mental stress

Mental stress, anxiety, depression all comes from one thing and that is negative thoughts. You need to drive away these negative thoughts out of your mind just to keep your mental health sound and free yourself from the depression, mental stress, and panic attacks. The aromatherapy of cistus essential oil fills your mind with pleasure by cooling down your hyperactive neurons and gives you a calming effect. You just need to inhale the cistus oil from a diffuser. It will hopefully start to show its effectiveness within 20 minutes.


  • Cistus essential oil for respiratory diseases

Respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis can occur due to the infection of the trachea and bronchus. But cistus oil has the power to disinfect your respiratory system before any infection can attack you in the first place. So, you need to fill your diffuser with cistus oil and lavender essential oil. THen inhale the alluring smell of these two essential oils to disinfect your respiratory infections. The cistus essential oil has Autoimmune properties which help to fight with the infection causing germs and keeps your respiratory organs safe and sound.


  • Cistus essential oil for stomach

Many people all around the world suffer from various stomach disorder like indigestion, stomach cramps, gas, constipation, etc. They usually do not find a permanent solution to cure these stomach problems. Cistus essential oil has some properties that can solves these stomach issues in no time. Not only that it will help you to improve your immunity system and fight with different diseases.


  • Cistus essential oil for menstruation

Ciatues essential oil helps to regulate irregular menstrual cycles and also gives you quick relief from awful period cramps. Just massage a few drops of rose of Sharon essential oil in your lower abdomen regularly at night and see how it regulates your menstrual cycles and also treats period cramps.


Although the cistus essential oil benefits us in a lot of ways you should not use the essential oil in an excessive amount. Avoid using it in the eyes because it can irritation. Always keep in mind that whenever you use cistus essential oil you need to make it diluted by using other carrier oils. Do not use the cistus essential oil if you are pregnant or breastfeeding your child.

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