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11 Health Benefits Of Citronella Essential Oil Medically Proven

Citronella essential oil is extracted from two types of citronella plant namely Cymbopogon nardus and Cymbopogon winterianus thus two different types of essential oil are produced and they are called Ceylon and Java respectively. The citronella oil is mainly used for aromatherapy as it has a really attractive and influential smell but it can also be used as a massage oil.

Citronella oil uses its beneficial properties to maintain our health and provide us with a lot of health benefits. It has a number of beneficial, properties which are used to treat various diseases, it also works as an insect repellent, cures pain, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. However, this oil became widely famous in the field of aromatherapy because of its effectiveness.



Like I said earlier, the citronella essential oil is extracted through the steam distillation process and the leaves and stems are used in this process. But you can make citronella essential oil n your own at home if you want. The ways that you will make citronella essential oil are given below:

  • Collect the leaves and stems of citronella plant and chop precisely.
    Take a pressure cooker and mix the precisely chopped leaves and stems of citronella essential oil with almond or olive oil
  • Cook the entire process for like five to ten hours
  • After cooking is done extract the oil using a clean soft thin cloth.
  • Once you are sure that there is no leaves and steam left in your filtered oil, store the oil in an airtight container.


Citronella essential oil benefits

Citronella essential oil uses are multidimensional because the citronella plant is enriched with medicinal properties which are really beneficial for our health. So, Citronella oil uses are noted below:

  • Citronella oil for reducing fever

People suffer from fever for various reasons, sometimes the season would be a virus attack or season change. You can also suffer from high fever if you are attacked by fatal diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis, rheumatism, dengue, etc. The citronella essential oil has febrifuge properties which help to control the fever. The oil helps you to sweat as a result the toxins from inside of your body goes out and finally your body temperate decreases. So, if you have been suffering from fever and do not feel like taking high power medicine you can try citronella essential oil has a natural remedy.


  • Citronella oil mosquito repellent

The citronella essential oil can repel not only just mosquito but also other creepy insects. The smell of citronella essential oil might be very pleasing to us but for the insects, the smell is not something that they will love to inhale. In that case, you can make homemade citronella candles. Citronella oil candles will diffuse the smell all around the house and dive out the creepy insects out of your house.


  • Citronella oil for mental stress and anxiety

People getting mentally stressed and getting panic attacks are not an uncommon phenomenon. But if you keep getting mentally stressed and depressed then you will not be able to accomplish your daily work and your aim in life in the long run. So, it is really important for you to be mentally sound. But what will you do if you are frequently getting all those anxiety attacks? You can reach out for citronella essential oil. The citronella oil has a really calming smell, this smell when inhaled through a diffuser works as a mental stress reliever.

This process is called aromatherapy. So, whenever you feel down just try the aromatherapy of citronella essential oil. It will calm your nerves down and fill your mind with a happy and peaceful feeling.


  • Citronella oil for pain

Citronella essential oil has spasmodic properties which are responsible to cure your pain. You might experience pain in any part of your bodies like legs, hand, head, abdomen, stomach, muscles and joints. Citronella oil is able to cure all this pain. Citronella essential oil is really good massage oil. Just massage a few drops of citronella essential oil mixing it with a carrier oil like olive oil or almond oil works really amazing on your affected area. It calms the muscles down and slowly relieves the sensation of pain.

IF you are suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis citronella essential oil is probably the best massage oil for you. Just try it once and I bet you cannot but be a fan of this oil.


  • Citronella oil for detoxifying your body

Your body produces toxic chemical elements and you\r body throws out these toxins through excretion in a natural way. Your kidney is the natural detoxifying machine of your body. But due to some reason if your kidney is not able to produce enough urine and the toxic elements start to accumulate in your body then various fatal diseases may show up. In that case, it is safe to rely on the citronella essential oil. This oil helps to regulate your urination and compels your body to throw out the toxic elements.

Not only the oil helps to produce urine but also it helps to stimulate sweat because your toxic elements inside your body also get out of your body through sweat. So, citronella essential oil works as an effective detoxifies when it is massage in the lower abdomen.


  • Citronella essential oil for treating infections

Your ears, nose, throat and anywhere you get wounded can get infected due to bacterial and fungal attack. Citronella essential oil has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which fight against the infection causing bacteria and fungus and kill them, as a result, it prevents the infections. If your ear and nose get infected you can put 1-2 drops of citronella essential oil inside your ears and nose. And if you get wounded it is safe to clean the wounded area with citronella essential oil before dressing.


  • Citronella essential oil as a vermifuge

There are normally some worms in your stomach. These worms help to digest our food easily but the trouble begins when these worms become bigger in number. Then they do not help in digestion anymore. They start to intake all the nutrition themselves leaving you to suffer from malnutrition. As a result, many problems show up like you feel nauseatic, your skin looks pale, your hair becomes dry, etc. So, it is really important to kill these worms inside your intestine. Citronella essential oil has vermifuge properties which help to kill the intestinal worms and helps you to lead a healthy life.


  • Citronella oil for proper blood circulation

Proper blood circulation is important for your body as the blood carries oxygen, nutrients and other important stuff in your body. Citronella essential oil stimulates the blood circulation and it also improves the secretion of hormones which accomplish different physiological activities.


  • Citronella essential oil for stomach

The citronella essential oil helps to give you quick relief from stomach problems like gas, constipation, improper digestion, etc. You can try massaging a few drops of citronella oil in your lower abdomen and see does citronella work.


  • Citronella essential oil for skin

Citronella oil helps you to get rid of your skin conditions like infection, allergy, and acne, It fights against the bacteria and germs that cause skin infections and acne and gives your skin a healthy glow. Citronella oil is really beneficial for oily skin.


  • Citronella oil for hair

Sometimes you get an infection on your scalp which makes it difficult to manage your hair and your hair gets dry and dull. Citronella essential oil can treat the infection on your scalp. It also helps in blood circulation to make your hair strong, smooth and shiny.


So, this is how citronella essential oil works on your body. But you should consult your physician before using citronella essential oil because if you have an allergy-prone sensitive skin, the citronella oil has an adverse effect on your skin. And also avid using citronella essential oil if you are an expecting mother or breastfeeding your child.

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