essential oils for bronchitis

Top 10 Best Essential Oils For Bronchitis Medically Proven

essential oils for bronchitis

essential oils for bronchitis

Bronchitis is a chronic disease which causes inflammation in the inner lining of the bronchus. As a result, the patient gets a heavy chest with the abnormal secretion of mucus and cough. In these diseases, the airways get inflammation that is why the patient has a hard time breathing properly. There is a wheezing sound from his chest and acute chest pain. These are pretty much the common symptoms of bronchitis. Apart from that, the patient may have an extreme fever and fatigue.

If we talk about the main causes of bronchitis then one of the chief cause is smoking. Living in an unhealthy damp environment is also the cause of bronchitis. The people who have to work in amidst dust and dirt or the people who work in metal factories have a higher chance of getting bronchitis. As the disease causes chest pain, fever and other discomforts in the internal part of your body, it is really necessary to take proper care. There are some essential oils for bronchitis.

Essential oil for bronchitis has medicinal properties which can reduce the inner inflammation and give you relief. Essential oils for bronchitis doterra has amazing febrifuge, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial antispasmodic and astringent properties which work together to treat you and cure the disease naturally. You can also use essential oils for bronchitis in this case as bronchitis can show up from minor cold and cough which prevails for a long time.

Best essential oils for bronchitis:

1. Tea tree essential oil

2. Oregano essential oil

3. Lavender essential oil

4. Clove essential oil

5. Rosemary essential oil

6. Frankincense essential oil

7. Cinnamon essential oil

8. Peppermint essential oil

9. Eucalyptus essential oil

10. Thyme essential oil

Essential oils are considered as best natural remedies for any kind of disease because of their pure and healing nature. The essential oil contains various beneficial properties which work quicker than medicines that is why people have been depending on essential oil to treat many diseases and other purposes too. So, without further due let us check out the effective essential oils that can treat bronchitis.

Tea tree oil for bronchitis

Tea tree essential oil is an extremely popular essential oil among people because of its strong healing properties. The tea tree essential oil is used for various reasons like skincare and treating deadly diseases. The tea tree essential oil has effective antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which are able to fight against bronchitis causing bacteria and prevent it. The anti-inflammatory property of tea tree oil is useful for reducing the inflammation caused by bronchitis. The tea tree essential oil also has febrifuge property which helps to reduce fever. ➋

Oregano oil for bronchitis

If you are suffering from bronchitis then you may have experienced heavy chest that is followed by breathing distress. This happened because of the deposition of mucus in your chest. The thick mucus prevents proper airflow and causes your chest to be heavy and painful. Oregano essential oil has very strong antiviral properties which can fight against the virus that causes bronchitis and relive the secretion of thick mucus relieving your chest. You can dilute the oregano essential oil with a suitable carrier oil and massage it on your chest. Within an hour you will get relief from breathing distress and heavy chest.

Lavender essential oil for bronchitis

Lavender essential oil is probably the most effective and common essential oils for bronchitis doterra. No wonder why. Because lavender essential oil is used for aromatherapy and the lavender oil contains an anti-inflammatory property which relieves the breathing problem and the inflammation in the chest when inhaled through an inhaler. The lavender essential oil also has a calming effect on your mind, so it also fills your mind with peace. You can also massage a few drops of lavender essential oil on your chest and abdomen. you may or may not dilute lavender oil because the lavender essential oil is very light in nature. ➋

Clove essential oil for bronchitis

Clove is a spice which is mostly used in Asian countries like India, Thailand, Bangladesh, etc. The essential oil of clove is a very warm oil which has a woody smell. The clove essential oil is useful to relieve common cold and flu. It has strong antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties which help to get away with the bronchitis symptoms too. The clove essential oil is a heavy essential oil which should not be used in a concentrated state. The clove essential oil when massaged on the chest along with a carrier oil like olive oil or sunflower oil gives magical results in reducing the inflammation and pain.

Rosemary essential oil for bronchitis

Rosemary essential oil is an effective essential oil which is enriched with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The rosemary essential oil is often used for aromatherapy to release breathing problems. The people suffering from asthma use rosemary essential oil to get quick relief from breathing distress and asthma symptoms. As bronchitis also includes breathing troubles, you can use the aromatherapy of rosemary essential oil to get relief, The rosemary essential oil also reduces the inflammation. ➊

Frankincense essential oil for bronchitis

Frankincense essential oil is trusted for a long time because of its beneficial uses. The frankincense essential oil was used by ancient people for religious purposes. The frankincense essential oil has beneficial anti-inflammatory properties which can relief breathing distress and chest inflammation quickly. You can massage a few drops of frankincense essential oil, dilute it with a carrier oil and then massage it on your chest. You can also take the aromatherapy by blending it with lavender essential oil or thyme essential oil.

Cinnamon essential oil for bronchitis

Cinnamon is also a spice like a clove. The cinnamon essential oil is warm and rich in nature filled with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help to relieve your chest pain and breathing problems. You can also use cinnamon essential oil to get rid of thick mucus secretion. It also has strong antibacterial properties which save you from infection in the bronchus.

Peppermint essential oils for bronchitis

The peppermint essential oil is very cool in nature. The peppermint essential oil has a soothing effect on your bo\dy which can reduce the inflammation inside your body and calm it down. You can take the aromatherapy of peppermint essential oil for relieving breathing distress. The peppermint essential oil has antibacterial properties which can fight against your bronchitis and prevent serious infections. ➊

Eucalyptus essential oils for bronchitis

Eucalyptus essential oil is yet another effective essential oil for bronchitis. It can heal common cold and cough too. It can relieve breathing distress as in most vapor rubs eucalyptus essential oil is used because of its beneficial properties. So, you can rub a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on your chest and probably neck to get relief.

Thyme essential oil for bronchitis

Thyme is a useful herb with various medicinal properties. However, thyme essential oil contains carvacrol which helps to fight against the bacteria and virus to prevent many diseases like bronchitis, asthma, etc. So, you cause thyme essential oil by diluting with almond oil and massage it on your chest and you can also take aromatherapy of thyme essential oil.

In conclusion, all the essential oils mentioned above use their unique quality to treat bronchitis. However, you should not stop taking medical help. Use the essential oil along with the medicines prescribed by the doctors. Make sure to buy consult toy pure essential oils because adulterated essential oil can cause harm to your body in many ways. Consult your doctor before using any essential oil and also know the ratios of diluting the concentrated essential oils correctly. Otherwise using concentrated essential oils directly can cause rashes and irritation.


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