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Top 10 Benefits Of Frankincense Essential Oil Medically Proven

[su_highlight background=”#5dffea”]What is frankincense essential oil:[/su_highlight]

frankincense essential oilFrankincense essential oil is actually an ancient essential oil. Primitively used for the various religious purpose among the classic and Indians. As people started to become more civilized and started to gain knowledge, they found out that the frankincense essential oil actually has many beneficial properties. It can heal different diseases and health-related problems. Not only that, but the frankincense essential oil can also be used to solve other issues.

The frankincense oil is extracted from the gum of the frankincense tree through the process of steam distillation. The method of steam distillation is used because, the product comes out 100% and plays an active role in accomplishing the task, whatever you are using it for.

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From the beginning, i have been claiming the fat that the frankincense essential oil contains quite several beneficial and medicinal qualities. So, before you ask what those are, i am making a list of what properties do the frankincense oil possesses and why should you choose frankincense oil.

7., diuretic
9. cytophylactic

So, this is the list of the properties that the frankincense oil contains. It is quite a surprising thing that a single oil can have such excellent beneficial properties and can actually work to prevent diseases and treat health issues.

[su_highlight background=”#5dffea”]Chemical components of frankincense essential oil:[/su_highlight]

Before buying any product, you must check what chemical components do the product contains and what are the uses of those elements. So, for your better understanding, I am putting the biochemical aspects of frankincense oil in a list. So that you know what is perfume essential oil suitable for.

2.octyl acetate
3.incensole acetate
6. incensole

So, these are the chemical constituents of frankincense essential oil. You have to know about the chemical components so that you can discern if any of the elements have an allergic reaction on your body or not.

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Frankincense essential oil doterra is quite popular among people for therapeutic uses. Though you can also use frankincense essential oil for aromatherapy too. There are several benefits of frankincense oil. Now you will know about the frankincense oil benefits and how to use frankincense oil. So, without further due, let us check out the benefits of frankincense oil.

[su_highlight background=”#5dffea”]1. Frankincense essential oil to maintain oral health:[/su_highlight]

benefits of frankincense essential oilSee, oral health is an important issue. There are a lot of germs and bacterias hoving inside your mouth. If you do not keep it clean, the viruses and bacteria may attack the enamel of your teeth and cause oral problems like aching tooth, bleeding gums, and bad breath. So, to keep your mouth fresh and prevent a bacterial attack, you can use frankincense oil. The frankincense essential oil has a very joyful aroma, you can also make your own mouthwash by using the frankincense oil. Use peppermint essential oil or lemon essential oil to blend it with the frankincense oil.

[su_highlight background=”#5dffea”]2. Frankincense essential oil greats gastric problems:[/su_highlight]

Frankincense essential oil greats gastric problemsIn the era of eating junk food all the time, gastric problems are standard issue. Yet it can make you suffer to hell and back. Nobody likes a bloated stomach with a constant burning sensation in the chest. To solve this problem permanently, you can take the help of frankincense oil. This oil can be used to relieve the bloated stomach and burning sensation altogether in a short period.

[su_highlight background=”#5dffea”]3. frankincense essential oil for cancer:[/su_highlight]

Yes, you heard it right. Frankincense oil can prevent disease. As you know from earlier that the frankincense essential oil has many beneficial properties and uses, treating and preventing cancer is one of them. The frankincense essential oil can b used topically on the skin. Using the essential oil on your skin prevents skin cancer and blood cancer. The frankincense oil helps to stimulate the blood and keep the skin healthy, avoiding the growth of tumor cells and cancer cells.

[su_highlight background=”#5dffea”]4. Frankincense essential oil promotes proper urination:[/su_highlight]

Did you know your body releases the waste products and toxic elements of your body through urination? That is why adequate urination is very important. Otherwise, your body won’t be able to release those toxins. As a result, many health issues will show up. Taking medication for stimulating urination is not the safest way around, because it can damage your kidney and liver in the long run. So, you can switch to frankincense oil as a natural and safe option. Just massage a few drops of frankincense oil after dilution with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil on the lower abdomen.

[su_highlight background=”#5dffea”]5. Frankincense essential oil for depression:[/su_highlight]

Frankincense essential oil People often get stressed due to work pressure and depressed for various reasons. They feel down and do not find the energy. They can take the aromatherapy of frankincense oil, The frankincense oil has soothing properties, which is far better than the sedative you take. Taking the aromatherapy can reduce your mental stress, anxiety, and depression. Provide you with energy and help you to get a peaceful sleep.

[su_highlight background=”#5dffea”]6. Frankincense essential oil for skin:[/su_highlight]

The frankincense oil is actually a useful oil for skincare. The frankincense essential oil is used to make various cosmetic products. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of frankincense oil play a role to prevent acne and other skin infections. It keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized. You can simply apply the frankincense oil on your sin after proper distillation and get a vibrant, smooth, beautiful surface.

[su_highlight background=”#5dffea”]7. Frankincense essential oil to treat wounds:[/su_highlight]

Frankincense oil plays an active role in managing the scars and dealing with the infections. The frankincense essential oil has medicinal properties like anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant. These properties work together to heal p the wounder pretty fast and prevent the risk of getting infected as the antibacterial property of the frankincense essential oil protects from bacterial attack over the wounded place. You can take a cotton ball and apply some diluted frankincense oil on the affected area.

[su_highlight background=”#5dffea”]8. Frankincense essential oil works as an anti-aging skincare product:[/su_highlight]

The frankincense oil is rich in astringent properties. This property of perfume essential oil actually helps to prevent the aging signs an make you look younger. It fights to agist the aging spots and wrinkles and gives your skin a radiant skin. You might want to use the frankincense oil as a replacement of your expensive anti-aging cream.

[su_highlight background=”#5dffea”]9. Frankincense essential oil for relieving respiratory problems:[/su_highlight]

If you have breathing distress and you are tired of taking medicines and inhaler, you can rely on frankincense essential oil. Perfume essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can treat asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia. You can take the aromatherapy of frankincense oil. You will definitely like the sweet aroma while it heals you up from the inside.

[su_highlight background=”#5dffea”]10. Frankincense essential oil for reducing scars:[/su_highlight]

Scars can be a barrier to your self-confidence and lower your everyday performance. That is why the wounds need to recover as quickly as possible. Using frankincense oil can fade your scars in no time so that you can wear your beautiful sundress anytime without embarrassment.

In conclusion, frankincense essential oil is really a beneficial essential oil that you would love to keep near at hand. But still, if you are new to essential oils, you should consult your doctor before using the essential oil. You should check first if the essential oil you are planning to use has any side effects or allergic reactions on your skin. Many essential oils are not suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms. So, choose wisely.

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